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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 13 February 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written -  Song choice: Whole of the Moon - The Waterboys
Chosen by: Erin Rush

1:25 Your Place -  Eketahuna with tour guides:Pauline Wilson, Charlie Death and Colin Fraser-Davies  

2.10  Missing Puppets - Anna Bailey - A string puppet named Evaline has travelled safely all over the world... to Italy and Bulgaria... China and Indonesia... but she's made her most hazardous journey to date on a busy street in Wellington.  Evaline is the creation of Wellington puppeteer Anna Bailey. On Monday, Anna was driving through road works on  Buckle Street near the 2015 ANZAC Park  when her carbook flew open and the suitcase with Evaline fell out. By the time she was able to stop and go back, the suitcase was gone.  She's supposed to entertaining at the Masterton A and P show on Saturday a fundraiser for child cancer on the 22nd.  Anna needs Evaline back.
It has video of her shows and a contact email If you know anything about her missing suitcase and puppet.

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2.20: Tanks For Everything - Jonathan Lahy-Neary - 16kms from the Christchurch Airport, just around the corner from the Orana Wildlife Park,  and Australian Army Centurion Mark 5/1 tank and a former Soviet Cold War-era T-55AM2 tank from the Czech Republic regularly prepare for duty. Their mission these days is to give tourists the experience of driving a 50 tonne tank as part of a unique adventure tourism business set up by Jonathan Lahy(LAY)-Neary 8 years ago.  Tanks for Everything even allows customers to crush a car,  for an extra fee of course. But after 8 years , Jonathan has decided to to sell up. 

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2:30 Reading - The final episode of  "Dove On The Waters",  written by Maurice Shadbolt  and read by John O'Leary.
The story has many similarities to that of the  barrister and solicitor,  Henry Charles Swan who bought 69 acres bordering Henderson Creek in 1898, purchased a  yacht in 1900 and announced his intention to make a solo voyage around the world. In 1901 he was farewelled by his wife and friends from Devonport and sailed  across the harbour where he moored in a creek. He lived there on board the  yacht there for the next 30 years,  established an orchard and gained a reputation for giving  the fruit away to locals. His wife remained in Devonport.

2:45 Feature Album - Help - the Beatles (1965)

3.10 WMD Search - Paul Schuster of BBC Witness
In early 2004, the White House began to realise that Saddam Hussein may not have had WMDs - Weapons of Mass Destruction. The existence of chemical and biological agents in Iraq had been a key justification for the invasion in 2003. Hear from the man in charge of the search for the weapons, Iraq Survey Group head Dr David Kay.
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3:20 Jumping Spiders - Alison Ballance -'Mosquito terminator' jumping spiders are small but very effective hunters. Not only do they have eight eyes that give them almost 360° vision, but they have a very strong innate sense of what their favourite mosquito looks like. Alison Ballance meets Ximena Nelson at the University of Canterbury to find out more about jumping spider vision.

INTERACTIVE DETAILS: Stories from Our Changing World.

3.30 Britain's 1964 Bobsleigh team - Simon Watts (BBC Witness)
In 1964, the bobsleigh event at the Winter Olympics became famous for an act of sportsmanship by the Italian, Eugenio Monti. When the British bobsleigh broke its axle-bolt at the end of the first run, Monti stepped in to lend his own part to the British team. They eventually won Gold at his expense. Simon Watts talks to the British bobsledders, Robin Dixon and Tony Nash.
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4:06 Bernard Hickey is with Julia Hartley-Moore on The Panel today: questioning the value of Kiwisaver, the value of the Americas Cup and the value of all these successive brandings and promotions of Auckland. Astrology, and its hold among the young; losing the money you save buying further out from the middle of town on the money you spend on the commute. Shane Jones' allegations about the supermarkets, why are all then politicians trooping to see Kim Dotcom, and should Auckland be banning a rap group with iffy lyrics? There's a huge concert coming up this weekend from a rapper with iffy lyrics and no-one's talked about banning him.