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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 12 February 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Russell Harding of Nelson nominated 'Long Time Coming' by Bruce Springsteen.

The link: All three songs are under three minutes

ARTIST:    Abba
TITLE:      Waterloo
COMP:    Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulveaus, Stig Anderson
DUR:        2' 38" [Fade]
ALBUM:    The Definitive Collection  -  CD 1 / Track 5
LABEL:    Polar 549974

ARTIST:    The Spice Girls
TITLE:        Wannabe
COMP:    Spice Girls, Matt Rowe, Richard Stannard
DUR:        2' 48" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    Spice  -  Track 1    
LABEL:    Virgin 842174

ARTIST:    The Fourmyula
TITLE:        Nature
COMP:    Wayne Mason
DUR:        2' 48" [Cold]
ALBUM:    The Most of The Fourmyula -  Track 11
LABEL:    EMI 435 403    

ARTIST:    Ellie Goulding
TITLE:        How Long Will I Love You
COMP:    Mike Scott
DUR:        2' 27" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    Halcyon Days  -  Track 21
LABEL:    Poydor 374702

ARTIST:    The Undertones
TITLE:        Teenage Kicks
COMP:    John O'Neill
DUR:        2' 22" [Cold]
ALBUM:    True Confessions  -  CD 1 / Track 1
LABEL:    Sancturary  236166

ARTIST:    The Beatles
TITLE:        Yesterday
COMP:    John Lennon, Paul McCartney
DUR:        2' 02" [Cold]
ALBUM:    The Beattles 1  -  Track 11
LABEL:    Apple 529325

ARTIST:    Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
TITLE:        Stay
COMP:    Maurice Williams
DUR:        1' 33" [Fade]
ALBUM:    Dirty Dancing (Soundtrack)  -  Track 5
LABEL:    RCA 216030

ARTIST:    Janis Joplin
TITLE:        Mercedes Benz
COMP:    Janis Joplin, Michael McClure, Bob Neuwirth
DUR:        1' 44" [ends on laugh]
ALBUM:    18 Essential Songs  -  Track 14
LABEL:    Columbia 467 005


ARTIST:    Chuck Berry
TITLE:        Johnny B Goode
COMP:    Chuck Berry
DUR:        2' 37" [Cold]
ALBUM:    The Definitive Collection  -  Track 13
LABEL:    Geffen 988088    

ARTIST:    Bob Dylan
TITLE:        I'll Be You Baby Tonight
COMP:    Bob Dylan
DUR:        2' 35" [Fade]
ALBUM:    John Wesley Harding
LABEL:    Columbia 692 395

ARTIST:    Gnarls Barkely
TITLE:        Crazy
COMP:    Brian Burton, Thomas Calloway, Gianfranco Reverberi
DUR:        2' 56" [Cold]
ALBUM:    St. Eleswhere  -  Track 2
LABEL:    Warner 632672

ARTIST:    Nancy Sinatra
TITLE:        These Boots Are Made For Walking
COMP:    Lee Hazelwood
DUR:        2' 38" [Fade]
ALBUM:    Lightnings Girl  -  Track 2
LABEL:    Raven / RVCD 08

2:10 Feature Story - Olga Kotelko, track and field athlete

She's won more than 700 gold medals, set more than 26 world records and she'll be 95 in just a few weeks. Olga Kotelko took up track and field when she was 77 years old. She competes in 11 events, including the high jump, hammer throw and the 200m run. She astonishes doctors with her energy, good health and athletic ability. It may be her diet, which includes sauerkraut and pickled herring, it may be that she wakes up in the middle of the night to stretch and meditate. GIving up, she says, is never ok.

2.20  70 year old Ailisa (Ale sah)  O'Brien of Invercargill isn't slowing down either. When she was just 5 years old she started knitting and she hasn't put the needles down since.  She's a professional knitter, doing the jumpers with the kiwis and pukekos on the front for tourists for many years. Now she works with merino wool, knitting at least four hours a day.  Now she's added collecting labels for yarn to her list of passions... she has more than 3 thousand lables from at least 40 different countries. It all started with a comment in a newsletter she started 10 years ago and the labels keep coming in. Ailsa O'Brien is on the line with us from Invercargill

2:30 Reading - John O'Leary reads the third part of  'Dove On The Waters'  by Maurice Shadbolt,
Our reading at half past two takes us back to the early 1900's when an Auckland lawyer purchased a yacht saying he planned to sail solo around the world.   One year has passsed since his departure and  in the absence of any word of his whereabouts, the general feeling among the Auckland populace is that he is dead.
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"Dove On The Waters"  (John O'Leary)    Word Pictures  0:30

2:45 Feature Album - Jazz - Queen (1978)

3:10 Virtual World - Jules Older

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Should I buy my iPhone now? Or my MacBook Pro? Or iPad Mini?

Are travel Vines the new postcards?   

3:30 New Zealand Society - "Sheila on the Coast" - Lynda Chanwai-Earle - She swam with dolphins and fought to protect the natural environment of southern Wellington in her seventies. Lynda Chanwai-Earle catches up with an Owhiro Bay resident with some tales to tell about her last six decades on the coast:

Gallery: Sheila Natusch

Sheila with her Pacesetter dingy
Sheila with her Pacesetter dinghy.

4:06 The Panel - Sir Bruce Slane (Ak) and Mark Inglis (ChCh)