1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Hitch-Hiker by Roger Miller, nominated by Adrian Turner of Paekakariki

1:25 Critical Mass -

TV - Irene Gardiner
Books - Cushla McKinney

The Wind City  by Summer Wigmore

Music - Nick Atkinson
ARTIST:    Eden Mulholland
TITLE:      Feed The Beast
COMP:    Eden Mulholland
ALBUM:    Feed The Beast
LABEL:    Feed The Beast

Web - Ben Gracewood

Renaut's new concept car one-ups Amazon's proposed delivery drones by offering a built-in drone to check on traffic and road conditions ahead:

Twitter posted their first earnings report since going public


2:10 The Singing Professor - Professor Stephen Todd - If you are studying law at Canterbury University, chances are you may get more than the standard lecture if you happen to have Professor Stephen Todd teaching you. For twenty years, the law Professor, has been a regular fixture at the annual Law revue with his songs that set famous cases to music, and he has been known to sing the odd song for his students in the lecture halls.He has now published a book  - Leading Cases in Song, A Lawyers Campanion

2:20 The Battle of Gate Pa - Rob Hicks - As a child, Rob Hicks was always interested in model soldiers... he continued this interest as an adult when he began to build model railway sets.. but it wasn't until he retired that he was able to really put the time into this lifelong passion and build a scale replica of one of New Zealand's most famous battle sites - Gate Pa. This defining event has been captured in minute detail in a diarama that has taken Rob Hicks more than four years to complete. The diarama is faithfully rendered - right down to the exact uniforms of the battlefield soldiers, inclduing each brass button. The model has been completed in time for the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gate Pa, which will be commemorated in Tauranga in April this year.

The link:  https://www.facebook.com/GatePa2014Commemoration

2:30 Reading - Dove On The Waters' - the title story in a series of three tales written by Maurice Shadbolt, and read by John O'Leary
"Dove On The Waters"  (John O'Leary)    Word Pictures  0:30

2:45 Feature Album -  Excitable Boy - the third album by Warren Zevon, released in 1978.

3:10 Cancer survivor, Yvonne Hughes - Everyday, seven women in New Zealand are diagnosed with breast cancer. Yvonne was 37 when she found out. During the course of her treatment, she got advice from professionals and other cancer patients. She's put the best tips and wisdom in a book called, One Piece of Advice.      
The link: http://onepieceofadvice.com.au/

3:30 Seaweed Glue - Ruth Beran - Commercial glues often fail when used underwater, but Anton Mather from the University of Canterbury is testing New Zealand coastline seaweed to see if a naturally inspired adhesive can be developed. Ruth Beran goes to the lab to find out why he's using newborn kelp for his research.
Stories from Our Changing World.

4:06 Stephen Franks and Lindsey Dawson are on The Panel today: Stopping New Zealanders fighting in Syria - sensible, or sowing more seeds of dissension? The cost of the Len Brown enquiry won't go away. Should we drop commas from the language? There's been a call to do so from a prominent academic anti-commarist. Should St Heliers School have gone with the 68% of parents who wanted religious instruction in school hours, or were the right to heed the criticism from the 19% who didn't? Do we care if cricketers stay out drinking? And does it make sense for Otago University to sponsor the Highlanders?