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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 14 February 2014

1:10 Best song ever written

Memphis - PJ Harvey
Don James - Manawatu - Fielding

1:15 NZ Live

NZ Live today with the legendary Hamilton County Bluegrass Band. 

2:10 The 10cc Story - Graham Gouldman pre-rec

The man who took us all on a Dreadlock Holiday back in 1978, 10cc founder Grahame Gouldman is being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Graham will join Ray Davies, Donovan, Mark James and Jim Weatherly at the 45th annual induction ceremony in New York on June 12th.

Graham Gouldman's success started in his teens as a swinging sixties songwriter .... he came up with "For Your Love" for the Yardbirds, a big song and his first hit, back in 1965.

He wrote for the Hollies - "Look Through Any Window" and "Bus Stop," "No Milk Today" for Herman's Hermits, and "Pamela Pamela" for Wayne Fontana.

And within 10cc his songs shone too and they became one of the biggest bands of the 1970s.

Graham's here in New Zealand, playing at the Gibbston Valley Winery in Otago tomorrow.

2:30 Reading

Sonia Yee reads today's short story  "Some Say Love it is a Flower" by Sue Wootton.

2:45 Feature album

10cc - debut album (1973).

3:10 One Stop Shop

Tips for your weekend as usual - a recipe from Jacob Brown, chef at The Larder in Miramar .. Belinda Jackson choosing the wine and telling us about the £3m wine cellar at Downing street. Sarah McMullan's Valentines Day movie special - including the French romantic drama, Blue Is the Warmest Colour.

Friday lineup:

3.10  Fresh Fast Food - Jacob Brown

Champagne sausages with oysters

3.20  Weekend Wine - Belinda Jackson

Villa Maria Private Bin Arneis 2012 $13 on special

Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi 2012 $20

Cloudy Bay Pelorus Non-Vintage $28 on special otherwise about $35


3.26 Movie Review - Sarah McMullan

Blue is the Warmest Colour:   (Please note: contains a small amount of nudity)

Are we Officially Dating?  

Winter's Tale:

Endless Love:            

I Frankenstein:       

3:40 Guided snorkel tours

Grab your mask and your flippers for a series of free guided Community Snorkel Days taking place at marine reserves from Northland to Nelson.

If you head to Kai Iwi Lakes tomorrow or Sunday you can be taken on a fresh water dune lake snorkel, while at Cathedral Cove tomorrow you might spot bright and colourful sea slugs in among the Snapper and Red Moki. Samara Nicholas is the Experiencing Marine Reserves Programme Director, talks with Jim Mora.

Samara with Samantha, the Seaweek Seahorse athon winner from last year
Samara with Samantha, the Seaweek Seahorse-athon winner from last year

3:45  Panel Pre-Show, today with Melanie Phipps

4:06  The Panel

Featuring Nevil Gibson and Rob Salmond on the topics of: Immigration and rappers; league players; Valentines day; vege gardens in berms; tax on sugary drinks and reliable cars.