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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 27 January 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Knock on Wood by Amii Stewart, nominated by Toni Adams of Nelson.

1:25 Eight Months to Mars - New Zealand record producer, Alan Galbraith

2:10 Lorde up for 4 Grammys at the Los Angeles Convention Center this afternoon. Nick Atkinson from Music 101 talks with Jim about Lorde's chances. Nick's at the Laneway festival sellout at Silo Park in Auckland.

2:20 Shark Attack - Dr James Grant - Here's a fine example of how hardy they breed them in the deep south. A doctor at Southland Hospital in Invercargill is back at work today despite being bitten by a shark off the south coast on Saturday, and stitching his wounds using a first aid kit that he kept in the car for pig hunting. James Grant was snorkelling near Orepuki when he felt rather than saw the presence of a shark. A man v shark battle followed - with James thankfully coming out the winner - albeit a battered and bruised one.

2:30 Reading - Our NZ Reading at the moment is Jane Carswell's Under the Huang Jiao Tree, about living and working in China. Today - Central China TV visits her school and Jane is asked to be on a discussion panel, assessing her students for the camera.

2:45 Feature album is 'Be Yourself Tonight' by the Eurythmics back in 1985. Lorde has sung at the Grammys, and the Eurythmics are reuniting for the occasion, amidst a stellar lineup at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

3:10 Feature Author - Shaun Usher - When was the last time you took UP pen and paper to write a letter to someone? A few years ago, Shaun Usher started a blog sharing inspiring, sad, funny famous and not so famous letters written by a variety of people. It's become an online museum of correspondence. Millions of people visit it every month. He's put 125 remarkable letters in a book called  's Letters Of Note: Correspondence Deserving Of A Wider Audience.  They are from Presidents to former slaves; royalty to rock stars and they are from ordinary people too, sometimes in extraordinary circumstances. They are the old fashioned letters so many of us have forgotten how to write or have never written at all now in the age of Twitter and email.  The link

3:30 Voices   - Lynda Chanwai-Earle  - Asian Invasion is the title of a theatre programme touring secondary schools across our country this year. Provocative? Racist? Or harmless? Lynda Chanwai-Earle catches up with some of our top theatre people to debate this tag.

4:06 After 4 on The Panel are Michael Deaker and Chris Wikaira:  David Cunliffe's state-of-the-nation speech, and the Greens' plans for nurses and free lunches in all the poorer schools. Having to buy a tablet for your child at school. Legal highs, Lorde at the Grammy's, we'll cross to L.A. The word "eh" - how should it be spelled? And why are we such a nation of litterers and what can we do about it ?