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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 28 January 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - 'Same Love' - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis nominated by Tania Roxborogh of Dunedin

1:25 Critical Mass - Our critics return with eyes over media on Critical Mass ..
TV - Irene Gardiner
BOOKS:  Vanda Symon -
The Virgin and the Whale by Carl Nixon.
MUSIC:  Colin Morris

ARTIST:    Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones            

TITLE:        Long Time Gone                
COMP:    Frank Hartford, Tex Ritter, Traditional        
DUR:        3' 23"
ALBUM:    Foreverly  -  Track 2    
LABEL:    Warner Music 9362493997

ARTIST:    Lou Doillon                
TITLE:        I.C.U.                        
COMP:    Lou Doilon        
DUR:        4' 01"     
ALBUM:    Places  -  Track 1            
LABEL:    Universal                 

WEB:    Ben Gracewood      

How online gamers are solving science's biggest problems
Sci-Fi Device Lets Men And Women Swap Bodies

2:10 Old Tales - Nancy Greenfield - Medical equipment dating back more than 120 years has been discovered in a roof cavity of the Whangarei St John Ambulance rooms.In those days, first aid kits included everything from baking soda, to cyanide-coated bandages.Nancy Greenfield chairs the Whangarei St John Hospitaller Club. She is one of several club members who have been sorting through the items, for a small museum that has been created at the Whangarei ambulance rooms.

2:20 The Stray Mollymawk - Meg Selby - A breed of albatross rarely seen on land has been found near Nelson. The mollymawk - which is a New Zealand term for a "lesser albatross" - was discovered 40 kilometres inland, near  Wakefield. It was nearly half its normal body weight, indicating it had had a pretty rough ride.
Zoologist Meg Selby, who co-owns Naturelands zoo near Nelson, suspects the bird was blown inland by this summer's unseasonably strong winds.

2:30 Reading - 'Under the Huang Jiao Tree' - a radio adaptation of Jane Carswell's account of her experiences in China as a teacher of English in a foreign language school in Chungqing
Barnaby Taylor: 'Descendants of the Dragon'  (Taylor) rom the Production Music CD  'Chinese History'  [Bruton Music Ltd  BR470]
Miao Xiaoyun:  'Moon Birds' (trad) from the Production Music CD 'China, Mongolia and Tibet'  [Atmosphere Music Ltd]

2:45 Feature album -  The Chicago Transit Authority - debut album by jazz  rock band, The Chicago Transit Authority from 1969 before they moved into the soft rock genre as Chicago. The band was inducted into the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame this year, and performed at yesterday's Grammys Awards for the first time. (a hit mash with R and B singer, Robin Thicke)

3:10  Living with Chronic Pain - Vidyamala Burch - who manages her relentless back pain from a car accident using mindfullness. She runs an internationally respected mindfulness organization in the UK and she's written books to help people who are suffering too. The link

3:30 Vibrations of Mountain Bikes - Ruth Beran - The cross-country nature of mountain biking naturally results in more vibrations than road biking. Paul Macdermid from Massey University shows Ruth Beran how he is using high-tech equipment to measure the impacts of vibrations experienced by mountain bikers, particularly their energetic costs, as reducing them might help improve race performance.
Stories from Our Changing World.

4:06 Tony Doe and Neil Miller are on The Panel: Hospital waiting lists, and why people can't get on them. Now we'll know how often the MPs are in Parliament. Should Christchurch's covered stadium get the go-ahead if the Council can't afford it? Should the British police have stopped their investigation into Nigella's cocaine use? Lorde's ticket prices this week, and a suggestion to help with our national litter problem. Why don't we go back to the days of desposits paid on bottles and cans? and feedback from you, which we'll put to the NZTA, about dark tinted windows in cars and the ad where the speeding driver and the turning driver talk to each other on the road.