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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 11 December 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - 'A Salty Dog' - Procol Harum - nominated by John McConnell from Auckland.

1:25 Link 3

ARTIST:    Simon & Garfunkel
TITLE:        Bridge Over Troubled Water
COMP:    Paul Simon
ALBUM:    Bridge Over Troubled Water  
LABEL:    Columbia 466 004

ARTIST:    Lily Allen
TITLE:        Somewhere Only We Know
COMP:    Tim Rice-Oxley, Tom Chaplin, Richard Hughes
ALBUM:    Single
LABEL:    iTunes    

ARTIST:    Cat Stevens
TITLE:        Morning Has Broken
COMP:    Eleanor Farjeon
ALBUM:    The Very Best of Cat Stevens
LABEL:    Island 840 148    

ARTIST:    The Rolling Stones
TITLE:        Not Fade Away
COMP:    Charles Hardin, Norman Petty
ALBUM:    More Hot Rocks (Bit Hits & Fazed Cookies)  
LABEL:    ABKCO  844478    
ARTIST:    Elvis Presley
TITLE:        Way Down
COMP:    Layng Martine, Jr.
ALBUM:    Elvis Gold Recods Vol 5  
LABEL:    RCA 184941

ARTIST:    North To Alaska
TITLE        Johnny Horton
COMP:    Mike Phillips
ALBUM:    Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits
LABEL:    CBS 462 445    

ARTIST:    The Police
TITLE:        Every Breath You Take
COMP:    Sting
ALBUM:    (Synchronicity)  The Police  
LABEL:    A&M 736143    

ARTIST:    One Republic
TITLE:        Counting Stars
COMP:    Ryan Tedder
ALBUM:    Native  (Burnt CD)
LABEL:    iTunes

The answer: all songs end cold, and not fade at the end.

2:10 Music World of Difference - Marcus Powell
It's one thing to have passion, it's another to be paid for it. Musician Marcus Powell encourages teenagers to use music as a way to put their energy into something postive. He started a non profit group called the Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa to go into low decile schools and help students achieve NCEA music credits and give them a pathway to higher education and exposure to the various jobs in the music industry. Now he's going to be given a year's salary to do his work through the Vodafone New Zealand Foundation's World of Difference programme. He's one of 4 recipients who will be able to continue their work on youth projects and earn a living at the same time.

2:20 Bat Invasion - Frank Beveridge - Alfred Hitchcock had "The Birds", Charters Towers in Queensland  has "The Bats". Thousands and thousands of flying fox bats that have made a park in the town south of Townsville their home. Residents say the noise and the stench from 80-thousand bats is unbearable. It makes using the park and the local swimming pool highly unattractive.   It's not the first time the colony has come to Charters Towers. But this time, the local Council is throwing  everything at them... ... helicopters.. gun blasts.. smoke and even fireworks to try to get the bats to move on.  Frank Beveridge is the Mayor of Charters Towers.

The Vid link:

2:30 Reading - Episode 2 of Rob Hewitt's story, 'Treading Water' told by Jim Moriarty.

2:45 Feature album -  Holy Fire - British band Foals (2013) -  was nominated for the 2013 Mercury Prize for best album, and NME readers' have just chosen it as their Album of the Year.

3:10 Virtual World - Hamish MacEwan

Top 10 Gadgets - 

3:30   Manukau Harbour Cleanup - Lisa Thompson - How can a tiny microchip help clean up the Manukau Harbour all with the flush of a toilet?

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Zoe George

4:06 Stephen Franks and Lisa Scott are on The Panel today: first of all the relaxation of loan-to-value ratios when you're building a house. Has the Reserve Bank bowed to lobbying pressure? How many young people build their first house and have we had time to assess the effect on the market of the LVR initiative? Thoughts on the Mandela funeral pertaining to the speeches. Barack Obama's was the standout, as we expected. Where are the great speechwriters of the world giving their leaders magic words? As time permits we'll also talk about what American states have found when they've curtailed alcohol availabilty, and we'll mention, hopefully, a new book examining Imposter Syndrome - where perfectly talented, often very talented people, have a low opinion of themselves and wonder when they'll be found out for being a fraud.