1:10 Best Song Ever Written - The Rose - Bette Midler nominated by Deb Hardy from Auckland

1:25 Your Place Albert Town, just east of Wanaka, originally a farming village, but now part of the area's boom times.

2:10 The Anarchist Philatist - Angus McDonagh - Yesterday before The Panel, we were talking about a man in Somerset who calls himself an anarchist philatist. Angus McDonagh has sent letters all over the world, including New Zealand, using stamps he created himself. He has 50 different designs. At Christmas he has a stamp featuring an image of himself with Santa's white beard.  Only one letter has been caught out as having a counterfiet stamps over the three years Mr. McDonagh has been sending his own brand of Post.
The Royal Mail is now investigating what he calls his magnificent Hoax.  Angus McDonagh talks with Jim Mora.

The link:

2:20 The Iron-man - Matt Harrop - The Hawaii Iron man is a daunting physical challenge under the best of circumstances: a 3.8k Swim in the open water of bay of Kailua-Kona  bay, 180 Kms on the bike across the kava desert and a 42.2 km run in searing 35 degree heat.  Matt Harrop added an extra degree of difficulty: 17kms into the run, a little under halfway, he broke his foot.  He knew something wasn;t right, but he kept going and finished the race in a decent time. It wasn't until a few days later that he got an xray and discovered just how bad it was.

2:30 Reading - Rachael King's award winning book 'The Sound of Butterflies'.

2:45 Feature Album - Underground alt-crooner James Blake has just won the prestigious Mercury Music Prize in London, for his second album, 'Overgrown' which came out earlier this year

3:10 Black Monday - Ed Butler - 19 October 1987 became known as Black Monday after share prices on Wall Street fell by a record rate. We hear from Art Cashin, a trader at the New York Stock Exchange.

LINKS: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01k2bxt

3:20  The Maori Trades Collective - Katy Gosset meets members of a Maori Trades Collective who learnt their skills in the old Christchurch hostels and are now joining the Rebuild to give something back.

3:30  The Storm Birds - Veronika Meduna - In July 2011, a massive storm moved across New Zealand and beach-wrecked more than 300,000 prions all over the west coast, from Dargaville to Okarito. Nobody knows why so many died, but now a team of Te Papa seabird specialists is trying to find out

4:06 Garry Moore and Lisa Scott are on The Panel today - Have the new loan to value ratios starting dealing to the building industry in an unintended way, how do you like your traffic cops - secretive or seen? How do you like Hallowe'en, while we're at it, do you mind the knocks on your door tonight? Would you sooner have a monorail or a tunnel in Fiordland? Do we really need to prepare elaborately for tsunamis that may come our way next week or next century? Letting the parents drink at school functions, the spending of the Marsden Fund money, as time allows.