1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Matt Harger of Dunedin nominated 'Marble Halls' by Enya

1:25 Your Place Linkwater on Queen Charlotte Drive, between Havelock and Picton. Its school has a Fine Art Auction fundraiser this weekend, by the way.

2:10 The Lost Marble - John Verboeket - When John Verboeket was just five years old, he buried one of his most prize possessions under a house in Malabar in West Java Indonesia, so no-one could take it from him. The year was 1942, and there were fears the Japanese army would soon be invading. The treasure he buried is, a special sharp shooting marble.  The house was on a tea plantation where his aunt and uncle lived.  His parents had sent him  when rumours circulated about possible Japanese bombing in his hometown,  Bandung.  John and his family were eventually taken prisoner and sent to a camp. The marble was never forgotten.  71 years later, at the urging on his wife and daughters, John Verboeket has returned to Indonesia to look for the  precious marble from his childhood.

2:20 The Goldie Forger - Simon Hill-Hayr - Karl Feodor Goldie, the only man ever to be convicted of art forgery in New Zealand has died at the age of 89.  Before he was convicted, he spent almost 20 years selling forgeries of  paintings by C.F. Goldie, Petrus van der Velden  Nicholas Chevalier and Colin McCahon that were so good, they fooled many art experts. He even legally changed his name from Karl Fedor Sim to Carl Feodor Sim, so he could legally sign his Goldie like paintings. He spent many years running an antiques shop on main street in Foxton.
Simon Hill-Hayr bought Goldie's old shop and flat in Foxton to save it from demolition in 2009.
He's turned it into an antique shop call Goldie's Junk 'N Disorderly to keep Goldie's memory alive in the town.

2:30 Reading - In Rachel King's novel 'The Sound of Butterflies'  we are  slowly learning what happened to Thomas Edgar on his expedition collecting butterflies in the wilds of Brazil. It's an experience that has profoundly changed  the young lepidopterist, and his wife is working hard to coax the terrible secrets of the trip from him, even though they may prove painful for her.
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Medo by Reinaldo Ferreira/Alain Oulman. Tk 10 TSQ-CD-9047: Mariza 'transparente'.

2:45 Feature Album -'The Queen Is Dead' by English alt rock band, The Smiths, which has just been named as the Greatest Album of Alltime in NME's new poll to find the 500 best albums. Checkout the Top 500 on NME.

3:10  Midsummer - Justin Gregory - Singing, dancing, acting and accents - a new show about to open in Auckland asks an awful lot of its two actors.

3:20 The Vault - Deb Nation - Austrian born, Rudolf Steiner lived from 1861 to 1925, and his first school was established in 1919.  The Nazis opposed his ideas, but his schools and kindergartens spread  rapidly around the world after the second world war.  In 1979, New Zealand broadcaster Alwyn Owen took his microphone into the calm environment of Michael Parker Rudolf Steiner School, in Auckland. It was an experience that moved him to say: It's difficult to imagine a future Muldoon figure emerging from a Steiner School . .. .as you can hear in today's Vault

3:30  Science Magic Show - Ruth Beran - Science 'magic' shows are a traditional way for chemistry departments at universities to engage the public. Dave Warren from the University of Otago's science outreach programme prefers to call them chemistry shows, and Ruth Beran tags along as he wows a packed hall at Dunedin North Intermediate School, along with masters student Ruth Warren and research assistant Marina Roxburgh.
The link: http://neon.otago.ac.nz/outreach/primary.html
4:06 Chris Trotter and Michael Deaker are on The Panel today - Are the Government's floats failing? Should the country receive a dividend from Lydia Ko? The music that'll ease your pain, literally. The ethics of drone strikes versus gas attacks. And what men need for their mental health, a specific prescription.