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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 23 October 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' by Ryuichi Sakamoto, nominated Chris Blackbourn of Waipu.

1:20 Link 3 - the songs:

ARTIST:   Johnny Cash
TITLE:      Folsom Prison Blues
COMP:    Johnny Cash    
ALBUM:   The Sun Years 
LABEL:    Sun 270950

ARTIST:    Rod Stewart

TITLE:     Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
COMP:    Rod Stewart, Carmine Appice, Duane Hitchings
ALBUM:   The Very Best of Rod Stewart
LABEL:    Warner 278328

ARTIST:   Ray Parker Jnr

TITLE:     Ghostbusters     
COMP:    Ray Parker Jnr
ALBUM:     Billboard 1984  Top Hits: 
LABEL:    Rhino 270679

THE ANSWER: Plagiarism. All the songs were the subjects of lawsuits and settlements.

ARTIST:    Beverly Mahr

TITLE:      Cresent City Blues
COMP:    Gordon Jenkins
ALBUM:   Seven Dreams

ARTIST:   Jorge Benjor

TITLE:     Taj Mahal
COMP:    Jorge Benjor
ALBUM:   Jorge Benjorl
LABEL:    Wrasse 320013

ARTIST:   Huey Lewis & The News

TITLE:     I Want A New Drug
COMP:    Huey Lewis, Chris Hayes
ALBUM:  Huey Lewis & The News; Greatest Hits
LABEL:   Capitol 629962

ARTIST:    Stromae
TITLE:       Formidable
COMP:      Stromae
ALBUM:    Racine Carrée (Burnt CD)

ARTIST:    The Verve

TITLE:       Bitter Sweet Symphony
COMP:      Richard Ashcroft, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
ALBUM:    This Is Music
LABEL:    Virgin 368928

2:10 The Footpath That Glows in the Dark - Hamish Scott
The world is beating a well lit path to New Zealander, Hamish Scott's door for his invention that makes footpaths glow in the dark. He calls the technology "Starpath".  It's a spray on product that  absorbs light during the day  and when the sun goes down, it glows, lighting the way for walkers at night. Hamish Scott lives in the UK now. He trialled the innovative surface in a park for the city of Cambridge and the reviews have been glowing.  Now other cities around the world want a Starpath too.

2:20 Bevan's 1952 Chipmunk - Bevan Dewes - Before he could legally drive passengers on the road, 19 year old Bevan Dewes could take people for a ride in the sky with his commercial pilot's license. Aviation is in his blood. He is an instructor for East Canterbury Aviation on Rangitata Island, and now he may be the youngest person in the country to own a vintage aircraft. He's got a 1952 De Havilland Chipmunk. It's the same plane Prince Phillip learned to fly in when it was brand new in 1952.

See Bevan fly !!

2:30 Reading - Our 2.30 story continues Rachel King's novel  'The Sound of Butterflies'  with a growing awareness on several fronts.   Sophie Edgar has come to the conclusion that the key to her future lies in discovering what happened to her Husband in Brazil, and she makes it clear that she does not want others manipulating the situation.
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Medo by Reinaldo Ferreira/Alain Oulman. Tk 10 TSQ-CD-9047: Mariza 'transparente'.

2:45 Feature Album - Picture Book by Simply Red

3:10 Virtual World - Dr Jules Older

3:30 Tree Value - David Steemson - A warning that if Aucklanders fail to recognise the value of trees, they potentially do so at a cost to their own health. It comes from the Tree Council as the Auckland super city speeds up intensive housing development.

4:06 Bernard Hickey and Vicki Hyde are on The Panel - Child abuse not improving, benefit cuts biting, an amazing discovery about how to discover gold, is the model a bubble, more on MPs' pay, and the reaction of Scots College to its boys drinking in Fiji.