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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 22 October 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Shed a Little Light - James Taylor nominated by Rick Place of Invercargill

1:25 Critical Mass

TV  - Sarah McMullan

THIS TOWN:  TV One Saturday - 7.30pm

The Walking Dead- TV2 - Tuesdays @ 9.30pm

Books - Nicky Pelligrino - The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon:

Music - Colin Morris

ARTIST:    Gregory Porter
TITLE:        No Love Dying                  
COMP:    Gregory Porter
ALBUM    Liquid Spirit  -  Track 1
LABEL:    Universal


ARTIST    China Forbes with Rufus Wainwright      

TITLE:        Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again                       
COMP:      Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler / Milton Agar, Jack Yelon
ALBUM:    Pink Martini  -  Track 14        
LABEL:    iTunes    

Web - Ele Ludemann - Flavourwire has10 bizarre literacy landmarks everyone should visit  

2:10 - The Big Role - Hayden Tee - Maungaturoto is a town of about one-thousand people in the Kaipara District.
It's also where Hayden Tee grew up, and his dreams of performing on the big stage began. Now 33, Hayden's based in the States, and has performed and directed throughout the world. And he has just landed a leading role in the new West End production of Les Miserables in Melbourne next year.

2:20 Beyond The Edge - Leanne Pooley - a New Zealand film about Sir Edmund Hillary's journey to the summit of Mt Everest - premiers in Wellington tonight, and it will open in cinemas throughout the country on Thursday.
Shot in the Southern Alps and incorporating a lot of original footage and audio from the climb and the ensuing celebrations, the film's already receiving excellent reviews…it was voted among the audience's top three documentaries at the Toronto Film Festival last month. The director and writer, Leanne Pooley, talks with Jim Mora

2:30 Reading - The man who harbours a desire to be Sophie Edgar's partner, sees an opportunity when Sophie's husband Thomas returns mentally and physically damaged by his experiences during a scientific expedition  in the jungles of Brazil. What will her reaction be? - Keep following our 2.30 reading of  'The Sound of Butterflies' by Rachel King
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Medo by Reinaldo Ferreira/Alain Oulman. Tk 10 TSQ-CD-9047: Mariza 'transparente'.

2:45 Feature Album -   Opposites - the sixth studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Biffy Clyro has just won Best Album at the Q Mag Awards.

3:10  Feature Interview - psychologist and author Gina Perry: "Behind the Shock Machine: The Untold Story of the Notorious Milgram Psychology Experiments in the early 1960s. These experiments illustrated the willingness of university students to inflict pain on their peers. People will behave in all sorts of ways in the name of obedience.  

3:35  In today's Asian Report; Lynda Chanwai-Earle meets 80 year old tap-dancing Diana Wong, a Grey Lynn legend with stories to tell about growing up in the hey-days of Auckland in the 1930's.

4:06 Sir Bruce Slane and Denise L'Estrange-Corbet are on The Panel today