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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 25 October 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Gillian Townsley of Dunedin nominated Pink Frost by The Chills

1:25 New Zealand Live on a Friday - Guitarists Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb, based in the United States at the moment.

2:10 The Video Game Writer - Edwin McCrae is a fiction engineer. His work has an audience of 3.3 million... He's gone from writing storylines for Shortland street to writing characters for an online video game called Path of Exile. The game, developed with crowdfunding here in New Zealand, is set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. Players are exiled from their homeland and find themselves on a remote continent that full of criminals and other monsters and must uncover clues about what happened to their world and work together to survive. We have a link to the game on our website and Facebook page. The game has been in the testing phase and is offically launched this week. Edwin McCrae

2:20  The Sydney Opera House -  Clare Bowes of BBC Witness - In October 1973 Sydney Opera House finally opened its doors to the public. The impressive building, with its distinctive white-shelled roof, took 20 years to complete. We hear from one of the lead engineers about the dramas, both human and structural
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2:30 Reading - The wife of a young English lepidopterist has discovered some shocking news in the diary her  husband wrote during an expedition to Brazil. He hasn't been in a state to speak since his return, but she has read his own admission of an affair with another woman, the wife of his benefactor in Brazil. And she has more to read yet - as we continue  our reading of  'The Sound of Butterflies'.
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Medo by Reinaldo Ferreira/Alain Oulman. Tk 10 TSQ-CD-9047: Mariza 'transparente'.

2:45 Feature album - Revolver - Beatles

3:08 One Stop Shop - We try and give you ideas for the holiday weekend with Miramar chef Jacob Brown. Belinda Jackson recommends wine and returns to the topic of what wines vegetarians can drink. Sara McMullan reviews the new Tom Hanks movie, Captain Phillips and David Blyth's New Zealand film Ghost Bride - plus TV recommendations.

3:40 The Rimutaka Pig Hunt - Paul Lambert - It's a sight that can stop traffic on State Highway Two in Upper Hutt:   the deer and boar trophies brought in to the  Rimutaka Sports Bar parking lot for the weigh in for the annual  Rimutaka Pig Hunt. The hunt started at midnight on Wednesday. Hunters are competing for  prizes for the biggest and best. This is the 25th anniversay of the Rimutaka Pig Hunt.  Because the meat the hunters bring in can't be used for public consumption, organizers are puting on  a wildfood dinner  tonight where they hope to have a quail of a time. Paul Lambert is one of the organizers and he is on the line with us from Upper Hutt.

4:06 Duncan Webb and Jock Anderson are on The Panel today. If the new LVR ratios are hurting the housing market, why not tweak them? Sex education doesn't seem to work for boys in schools and now there's an initiative with a different approach. Are you ready to keep working till you're 80 and digging up coal on the Denniston Plateau. Well hopefully if you're going to work till you're 80 it'll be a more sedentary job.