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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 14 October 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Forever Young" by Bob Dylan, nominated by Nicola Saker of Wellington.

The link:

1:25 8 Months To Mars - Robin Scholes - NZ film and TV producer.

Robin's music choices:

ARTIST:   Leonard Cohen
TITLE:     Anthem
COMP:    Leonard Cohen
ALBUM:  The Future
LABEL:    Columbia 472 498

ARTIST:  Billie Holiday
TITLE:    You Don't Know What Love Is
COMP:   Don Raye, Gene DePaul        
ALBUML   Lady In Satin  
LABEL:    CBS 450 883

2:10  The Making of a Great Song - Ian Chapman - Dr Glam from Otago University's music department, Ian Chapman explains why the hit song Royals, by New Zealand's latest singing sensation, Lorde, has become such a success. The formula for 'Royals' is already part of an Otago University course. Dr Glam's link

2.20:  The Josephine Baker Story - Claire Bowes from BBC Witness -  Going back nearly 90 years - to Paris 1925 when a young black American dancer made her debut on the stage. She was an overnight sensation and soon became one of the most famous women in Europe.

2:30 Reading - Katherine Mansfield was born in Wellington on October 14th 1888, in other words it's her 125th birthday . Over the next few days , we're marking the week with a series of three illustrated talks in which Vincent O'Sullivan considers some of Katherine Mansfield's letters
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A la Mannière de Borodine/Ravel/Decca 440 836 Dur: 1:00

2:45 Feature Album - New - Paul McCartney - his new one - out today.

3:10 Feature Author - What's in a Surname? A Journey from Abercrombie to Zwicker by David McKie -  What your surname says about you.

3:30 Longevity and Diet - Veronika Meduna - It was long thought that eating less would make you live longer, but geneticists at the University of Otago have found that it is not about how much you eat but WHAT you eat - and it turns out that a diet high in carb

4:06 On The Panel today, Josie Pagani and Matt Nippert. A local elections post-mortem, a call out of China to de-Americanise the world, the cost of dentistry in straitened times, how useful is it claiming carbon neutrality for big building projects like the one for the Russian billionaire in Northland? And why should NZ's charities be muzzled in what they say in return for Government largesse?