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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 5 September 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written -  Kirsty Rueppell of Sumner nominated   
'These Are Days' by 10 000 Maniacs.

1:20 Your Place - we're heading up to Northland, to Kohukohu on the spectacular Hokianga Harbour.  

2:10 Spanish Treasure - Hillary Schmidtt - For 300 years, millions of dollars in gold coins and other treasure lay in shallow water, just off the Coast of Florida.  But a treasure hunting family who've spent years following the legend of the sunken treasure, finally struck gold. The Schmidtts discovered about half a million dollars worth of gold coins, a ring and gold chains. The treasure comes from a fleet of Spanish ships that sunk in a massive hurricane in 1715.
The story of the treasure, and the people who search for it, inspired two movies: The Deep and Fool's Gold.   
Hillary Schmidtt is a treasure hunter along with her  parents and brother and she talks with Jim Mora from Florida.

2:20 Ziggy's 40th Anniversary - Dr Ian Chapman - On July 3rd, 1973 on stage at the Hammersmith Odeon theatre in London, David Bowie killed Ziggy Stardust.  Stardust  was a glam rock superstar from Mars created by David Bowie, who  produced two albums and transformed the music industry.
This according to Otago University comtemporary music lecturer,  Dr Ian Chapman  who has a PHD in David Bowie. Dr. Chapman says Bowie is as important to the world of popular music as Beethoven is to classical music.  
So this week, to honor the 40th anniversary of the death of Bowie's most famous invention, a lunchtime Ziggy Stardust concert was held  in Marama Hall.

2:30 Reading -  Ian Johnstone reads Episode 9 of 'Dance of the Peacocks'  by James McNeish.

2:45 Feature Album - "Our Version of Events"  by English-born Scottish singer/songwriter,  Emeli Sande - winner, last year, of the Brit Awards Critics' Choice Award.

3:10  Wicked - composer, Stephen Schwartz - Oscar and Grammy award-winning American broadway composer Stephen Schwartz' massive hit musical Wicked is about to cast its spell on us. It opens at The Civic the week after next. And while we look forward to that, he's working on a new musical about the great escapologist Henry Houdini.  Stephen already has his lead in mind. Houdini will be played by Hugh Jackman

3:20 The Cardboard Cathedral - Katy Gosset takes us on a first-hand tour of Christchurch's new transitional cathedral.

3:30 Stopping Food Fraud - Ruth Beran - The recent Fonterra botulism scare and 'fake' manuka honey have shown how easy it is to damage New Zealand's enviable reputation worldwide. Another risk for exporters is food fraud, when cheap, inferior products are substituted for New Zealand produce and sold overseas. Rebecca McLeod from Oritain explains to Ruth Beran how chemical fingerprinting is being used to show the origin of food to stop counterfeiting.

4:06 On The Panel today are Gordon McLauchlan and Josie Pagani - We'll discuss what you do with the nation's disruptive students. It's a big problem. So is Syria, and today we want to talk about the ethics of American involvement. The signs out of America if the strikes go ahead is that they may not stop now at the Obama shot across the bows, they may go on long enough to effect regime change. That's not clear, and nor to many people are the ethical decisions involved here. Alzheimer's, and its possible link with hygiene, too much hygiene. Too much pollution, from woodburners, says Environment Canterbury, but does it have a logical position on them? What is really wromng with modern woodburners? The Australian election if we have time.