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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 4 September 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Sean Hargraves of Wellington nominated 'Fear Not Of Man' by Mos Def.

1:25 Link 3 - the songs:

STRONG - Robbie Williams
TRUE - Spandau Ballet
YELLOW - Coldplay
FIRE & RAIN - James Taylor
REUBEN JAMES - Kenny Rogers

The answer: All the songs refer to themselves - self reflective.

2:10 Thirty-five Years at Sea -  Tom and Vicky Jackson have been married for 40 years, but they've just bought their very first house.  That's because for the past 35 years... they've lived on the water... first in a 9 metre fibreglass sailing yacht.. then a 12 metre mahogany yacht called Sunstone. In 1997 they set off  from England on a world cruise that's taken them over 125  thousand miles and ending up in Nelson. Now they feel a little "all at sea",  with hot water on tap... space to buy 12 rolls of toilet paper at a time, and an oven for cooking.

2:20 Moggles - Jackie Poles Smith -  When it comes to accommodation... Moggles, the 4 month old kitten prefers a penthouse view. The stray spent at least a week up a 10-metre  Phoenix palm in Waitara and nothing could coax it down.  The North Taranaki SPCA tried a ladder.. food.. but the little grey, white and black kitten would not be pried from his perch. The neighbours called him Peter the Poser because he will sit in the tree and pose. Then, a few days afto after a bout of stormy weather, Moggles was gone. But his time on terra ferma was short lived because he's back up in the tree again. Jackie Poles Smith is a spokesperson with the North Taranaki SPCA.

2:30 Reading - Ian Johnstone reads Episode 3 of 'Dance of the Peacocks'  by James McNeish.
Tk 1. Pick Yourself Up - Lew Stone and his Orchestra.  BBC CD 824:  Pennies From Heaven II.  
BBC Enterprises/Polygram 1990.

2:45 Feature Album - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - the Beatles (1967) - which finally goes platinum in the UK after a rule change this week.

3:10 Virtual World - Hamish MacEwan

3:30 James Cook's Secrets - David Steemson - It's all about James Cook but not as we knew him:the first novel about Captain Cook's voyages of discovery to the Pacific. So it's fiction, based on fact. 

The book: The Secret Life of James Cook by Graeme Lay

The Link: Writers Festival

4:06  Sir Bruce Slane is on The Panel with Jock Anderson and we'll talk about the Americas Cup and the penalties on Oracle; there'll be another chat about Pike River and the rational for going in; Syria, and today's situation with America going in there. Left brain/right brain, we know which side does what, right? Logical, methodical, analytical people are left-brain dominant, and the creatives and the artists are right-brain dominant. Um... no. The pop science around that has FINALLY been stood on its head. Sam Neill comes out against drilling and we talk about the whole nature of celebrity endorsement of causes.