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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 13 August 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written -  'Northern Sky' by Nick Drake nominated by
Marty Jones of Auckland.

1:20 Critical Mass

TV  - Phil Wallington
The Best Bits:   TV One  (Friday  9pm)
Millionaire Hot Seat:  TV One (Weeknights @ 5:30)
Discovery and Animal Planet

Books - Vanda Symon
"If I Told You, I'd Have to Kill You."  (Australia's leading Crime Writers Reveal Their Secrets.)
Edited by Michael Robotham.

Music - Nick Atkinson
ARTIST:   Weird Together
TITLE:      Drop The Brass        
COMP:    Nick Dwyer, Dick Johnson                  
ALBUM:   Unreleased
LABEL:    Frequency

ARTIST:  King Kapisi    
TITLE:    Crush             
COMP:   Bill Urale, Raaka Iriscience    
ALBUM:  Hip Hop Live Here
LABEL:   Quabax Wax    

Web - Ben Gracewood
Elon Musk announced Hyperloop details

2:10 The Tokoroa Pie Cart - Lindsay Neil - If you're in the market for a slice of NZ history, there's an auction on Trade Me that could be just the thing for you. Tokoroa's historic pie cart is up for sale, with the reserve met at two thousand and ninety nine dollars, and just one day left to go. The legendary pie cart has fed South Waikato locals for over 50 years now, and the auctioneers say she's got plenty of life in her yet. But what sort of investment would a pie cart make in this day and age? Lindsay Neill is one of the authors of 'The Great New Zealand Pie Cart' and an expert on the pie-cart culture of 'cafe de kerb'.

2:20 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Lucy Burns of BBC Witness - We all know it's there now, and it's so big we assume it may have been noticed long ago, but in fact it was 1997. What are we talking about? the discovery by an American yachtsman of an area in the Pacific Ocean full of plastic waste.

2:30 Reading - In today's episode of 'Deep Beyond The Reef' by Owen Scott,  the funeral of two murder victims is barely over in Fiji when allegations about their behavior begin to surface in the media.
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Tk 8. 'Excerpt From Alexandra' played by Regina Carter.  CD Verve 065 554 - Paganini: After the Dream.
©  The Verve Music Group, UMG Recordings Inc 2003
ALSO:  Tk 6 "Terrorgosa"  by Sola Rosa.  CD: FMR  336612 "Haunted Out-Takes", Festival/Mushroom
Records (NZ) 2003  Dur:  00' 25"

2:45 Feature Album - + PLUS - Ed Sheeran

3:10 Feature Interview - Jonah Lomu -So much has happened in Jonah Lomu's life since 'Jonah My Story' came out in 2004. He's married, he has two boys, he's back on the transplant list. An updated version of the book is out today. In it, the former All Black winger is candid about his latest health issues, the split with his long time manager and the reconciliation with his father. 

3:30 Asian Report - In today's Asian Report;  They're generation "1.5ers" and Pan-Asian. Lynda Chanwai-Earle meets the film-makers behind a television documentary profiling our Asian New Zealand youth.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Show - Noelle McCarthy - On the day when Kiwi, Lorde makes music history by being the first female solo singer to make #1 on the Billboard alternative music charts for 17 years, here's a little blast from the past. Have a listen to Lorde on Afternoons with Jim Mora back when she was still Ella Yelich-O'Connor and just 12 years old.

4:06 Gary McCormick is on The Panel with Scott Yorke. What the Government's announcing today about child abuse, the shortage of foster care parents as some of our vulnerable children get shunted from pillar to post; What does 100% Pure actually mean? The Advertising Standards Authority has decided it's not really a statement about our environment, but it's being asked to think again.