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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 9 August 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Toby Fleming nominated 'Valentines Day' by Bruce Springsteen...

1:20 New Zealand Live with a welcome return of the the Andrew London Trio today.

2:10 Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Anthony Powell -  For most of us, it's hard to imagine anything worse than getting dropped off on a frozen continent, in the middle of winter, and being told there is no way out for the next few months. We've heard the stories of Antarctica in the winter: the brutal cold: the almost endless night. But Christchurch film-maker Anthony Powell loves it there in winter. In fact he prefers it to summer.With the help of crowdfunding, he's produced a documentary that is a love letter to winter in the south called:  Antarctica: A Year on Ice, We have some images from the film on our facebook page and website.. The fim opened the New Zealand International Film Festival in Dunedin last night. Anthony Powell is on the road back to Christchurch right now and he joins us now

2:20 The Bagel Man - Amelia Nurse is with chef Al Brown at his latest venture - Best Ugly Bagels.

2:30 Reading - In the book reading at half past two, Owen Scott recounts the first Suva Police version of the events surrounding the double murder of John Scott and his partner, Greg Schrivener, and the story of the young man who found the bodies.
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Tk 8. 'Excerpt From Alexandra' played by Regina Carter.  CD Verve 065 554 - Paganini: After the Dream.
©  The Verve Music Group, UMG Recordings Inc 2003
ALSO:  Tk 6 "Terrorgosa"  by Sola Rosa.  CD: FMR  336612 "Haunted Out-Takes", Festival/Mushroom
Records (NZ) 2003  Dur:  00' 25"

2:45 Feature album - Disintegration - The Cure (1989)

3:08 One Stop Shop - Setting up your weekend with chef, Jacob Brown's Braised Lamb Shoulder with Miso and Black Truffle .. Yvonne Lorkin with the wine match from the Craft Beer celebration Beervana in Wellington at Westpac Stadium, and Sarah McMullan reviews the crime and comedy caper Pain & Gain and the vampire thriller Byzantium.

3:40 The Mending-a-thon - Eileen Parkin is holding and Ironing and Mending-a-thon at The Anchorage Community drop in centre on High Street in Lower Hutt. For a donation of about 10 dollars an hour, she and her fellow volunteers will iron and mend your clothes for the next 30 hours: from 4pm today until 10pm tomorrow. Proceeds will go to World Vision.

4:06 Jane Clifton and Lindsey Dawson are on The Panel - the Tiwai Point deal with Bernard Hickey and the speech the Fonterra chairman gave. What your spicy food choices say about you. When does an outdoor smoking area become a smoking room? There's a case before the High Court at the moment involving Sky City. The horrid bullying on the website Ask FM as we've been hearing on the news today, and as we discussed briefly on The Panel yesterday, but what to do about these websites? It seems the growing advertising boycott against it may be having effect, as the millionaire Latvian brothers who set it up have finally been speaking out against online victimisation after saying nothing for a long time.