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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 8 August 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Phil Boorman of Papamoa nominated 'Overkill' - by Colin Hay from the band, Men at Work.

1:20 Your Place tour guides from Ranfurly today: Diane Patterson, Richard Evans, manager of Hawkdun Lodge
and Joan Pringle.

2:10 Ben the Biker - Ben King from Mapua has cycled his way through  30 countries, covering 30-thousand kilometers in places like Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Morocco and Iraq. But it's not about the bike. Ben is an accomplished biomedical technician, and he wanted to team up his passion for travel with doing something important. So he joined Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders and spent 6 months in Afghanistan. After a short holiday here at home, Ben is now  working in Canadian on an exciting project that could have big implications for transplant patients.

2:20 House-sitting and farm-sitting in New Zealand - Beth Rose - Shaun and Beth have no fixed abode and they like it that way. About two years ago, they chucked in their jobs in London for the life of nomads.
They have a motorhome they affectionately call Giseppie for it's green and red stripes on the side, but mostly they live in other people's homes as housesitters.
One week they may be looking after a farm with clydesdales and longhorn cattle, the next they could be in a suburban home taking care of finicky cat in Oriental Bay. They are so popular as house sitters, they are often booked in 6 months in advance.

2:30 Reading - The planning for two family funerals feature as Owen Scott prepares to bury his murdered brother,  and remembers his larger than life father in today's episode of  'Deep Beyond the Reef'.
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Tk 8. 'Excerpt From Alexandra' played by Regina Carter.  CD Verve 065 554 - Paganini: After the Dream.
©  The Verve Music Group, UMG Recordings Inc 2003
ALSO:  Tk 6 "Terrorgosa"  by Sola Rosa.  CD: FMR  336612 "Haunted Out-Takes", Festival/Mushroom
Records (NZ) 2003  Dur:  00' 25"

2:45 Feature Album - Diamonds & Rust - Joan Baez  (1975)

3:10  Black Vogue - Clare Bowes of BBC Witness - In 1974 American Vogue put a black model on its cover for the first time. We hear how Beverly Johnson made it to the front of the world's most famous fashion magazine, and became a hero overnight for the American civil rights movement.

3:20 Top Tailor - Katy Gosset in Christchurch finds hard hats have not displaced stylish suits. She meets a bespoke tailor whose services are very much in demand.

3:30  Shellfish Physiology - Alison Ballance - How many times a minute does the heart of a green-lipped mussel beat - and how do you measure it? Norman Ragg is a physiologist working with shellfish at the Cawthron Institute, and these are the kind of questions he grapples with every day. Alison joins him to find out how he puts mussels through a cardiac work-out.

4:06 John Bishop and Josie McNaught are on The Panel. Nothing much new on Fonterra but we'll see what the day holds. The Tiwai Point announcement, and Southlanders breathe a sigh of relief.  3am closing destroying Wellington's party vibe... how much do even young people care about clubs and pubs being open beyond 3am? The Sky City smoking exemption, accommodating gamblers puffing away in a room with louvred windows - how open-air is that? Does the South Island need a political party to get itself a voice? And how patriotic do you feel about Team NZ?