1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Mark Perry has chosen "Sylvia's Mother", by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.

1:20 8 Months To Mars - what would well-known people do on a trip to Mars?

Mike van de Elzen is a man who's become a household presence through his unusual presentation of food.  Over the past two years he traveled our highways and byways trying to re-educate his fellow kiwis with healthy hamburgers and pies and wholesome ice-creams, and alternatives to chippies from the back of an old Bedford van. But the trusty old van has found a resting place now, as the centre piece in a new restaurant called Food Truck Garage. 

2:10 Music lessons

School children in Northland will soon be making beautiful music, thanks to a new orchestra scheme that turns nobody away. Under the El  Sistema scheme, primary school-age children in Whangerei will not only learn what its like to be part of an orchestra, they'll also be given the instruments they play. The orchestra will have an open-door policy, based on the success of a sister programme that's been working with great success in the Auckland suburb of Otara for the last 2 years.

2:20 Auckland pa

Photographer Qiane Matata-Sipu grew up in the subject of her latest exhibition - a living, breathing pa in the middle of our  biggest city. Not three kilometres from the runway at Auckland airport sits Ihumatao, a small settlement of about 60 houses on three streets, with the ancestral house, Makaurau Marae in the middle. Home to a number of extended families, Ihumatao lays claim to being the longest continuously occupied pa in the Auckland region, with settlement there dating back over 800 years.

2:30 Reading - The Man with No Arms and Other Stories
Our reading today begins a series taken from Glenn Busch's book 'The Man With No Arms'  where people living with disability tell their own stories. Today, part one of Steve Roome's tale.

Wish you were Here - Pink Floyd, tk 4 CDP 7243 829750, Capitol

2:45 Feature Album - Various Positions, Leonard Cohen.
Various Positions is the seventh studio album by Leonard Cohen, released in December 1984 (and February 1985).

3:10 Author interview - Sylvie Simmons
Sylvie Simmons discusses her book, "I'm your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen". He's the enigmatic poet, songwriter, womaniser - whose popularity with songs like Suzanne and Halleluiah has spanned generations. Simmons' book is the definitive biography of an endlessly fascinating and complex man.

3:35 Our Changing World - Sooty shearwaters

We mostly know them as muttonbirds - that dark rich delicacy collected from the titi islands around Stewart Island. But they're also known as sooty shearwaters - and they're not only our most abundant bird, they're also among the world's greatest travellers. Alison Ballance heads out to Mana Island off the coast of Wellington to spend a night with two seabird experts.

Sooty shearwaters
Mana Island

4:06 The Panel, with Duncan Webb and Gordon McLaughlin