1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Kieran Rynhart from Alicetown in Lower Hutt has chosen Feeling Yourself Disintegrate by The Flaming Lips.

1:15 NZ Music - Live

English singer, Jonathan Ansell.

2:10 Blind bowls

He's never seen a bowling green in his life, but Mohit Arora is still one of the game's rising stars. The 34 year old lost his sight 10 years ago. He was a keen cricket player, but never played lawn bowls. Two years ago, he was introduced to the sport and now he plays twice a week at the Browns Bay Club north of Auckland.  Mohit doesn't just play with other visually impaired players. His team with three other fully sighted players, and has just won the Junior 4s title at the club's annual championship.

2:20 NZ Society - Noise

Conversation can be a bit of a problem in pubs and restaurants as people shout to be heard over the combined din of  house music and fellow customers. It's even worse for people with hearing aids. But we all share the same problem - separating what we want to hear from the rest of the noise. Ruth Beran meets someone who's researching systems to separate speech from background noise - which could improve hearing devices a whole lot.

2:30 Reading - Garibaldi Did Not Sleep Here, part six

Final part of Paul Horan's account of a trip to Italy to retrace the steps of his illustrious English ancestor, Colonel Peard.

2:45 Feature album

The debut album from the US indie rock group Band of Horses. Everything All the Time was released in 2006.

3:08 One Stop Shop

Fresh fast food with Phillip Kraal. Find his recipe for sweet ginger and lemongrass steamed pudding here.

Weekend wine with Yvonne Lorkin.

Movie reviews with Sarah McMullan.

3:40 Event story - Drive-in movies in Mt Maunganui
It's a tradition that started 80 years ago in the driveway of movie buff in New Jersey: the drive-in movie. It was the favorite hangout for American teenagers in the 1950s. This weekend,  Mount Maunganui hosts the Baypark Drive-In Movie Festival. Classic films like Radiers of the lost Arc will be on a giant screen while waitreses on roller skates serve popcorn and movie snacks, just to make the pop culture experience complete.

4:06 The Panel, with Barry Corbett and Jock Anderson