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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 11 March 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Nigel Rushton of Christchurch nominated Largo Excerpt from Symphony No: 9, "From the New World" by the Berlin Philharmonic - conductor, Claudio Abbado.

1:15 8 Months To Mars - Rodger Fox

2:10  Lone Yachtie - Ron Daw
The story of an Oamaru man who is tackling a bigger challenge at age 79 than most of us would in our lifetimes...
Ron Daw has set off on an attempt to be the oldest sailor ever to circumnavigate the world.
That's if all goes according to plan and he arrives back in New Zealand just after his 80th birthday in January next year.
After a lifetime of sailing, and five years of preparation for this trip, he's confident he can manage the 10-month voyage in his 28-foot vessel, Aparima. He officially set sail from Oamaru yesterday and has just been clearing Customs in Dunedin today.

2:20 Salt Intake - Nick Wilson
Next, we're bombarded with so many public health warnings that most of us know exactly what we should and shouldn't be eating: more fruit and veg, less saturated fat. High salt consumption is regularly cited a cause of heart disease, stroke and stomach cancer. But following rules about a so-called healthy diet can be easier said than done, thanks to grocery prices and the easy availability of cheap convenience foods.
Otago University researchers say they've now proven that you can significantly reduce your salt intake, even on a fairly constrained budget. In a study made public today, the researchers said they were able to put together a diet that cost less than nine dollars a day, and one that cost less than 15 dollars a day, that they say fulfilled all the nutritional requirements for an adult... And brought salt intake down to ideal levels for health.
Lead researcher on the study, Associate Professor Nick Wilson.

2:30 Festival Review critiques play I (heart) Alice (heart) I, Song Cycle Songs and Dances of Desire, and the Royal New Zealand Ballet's new show Made To Move.

2:45 Feature Album - Himself - 1971 debut album by Gilbert O'Sullivan.

3:10 Our Feature author is Greg Davies, whose just put out 'Feet in Auckland Heart In Christchurch' - discovering New Zealand in the 1920s.

3:30 Hutton's Shearwaters  - Alison Ballance  (ex Costar 10'23)
Mention the little coastal town of Kaikoura and you'll probably think of whales and dolphins. But every year the town celebrates the arrival and departure of another special local - a little seabird that feeds in the rich waters, and then heads into the nearby mountains to breed!
This unusual alpine seabird is the Hutton's shearwater, and a group of residents have formed the Hutton's Shearwater Charitable Trust to give it a helping hand. One of their projects is establishing another breeding population on Kaikoura Peninsula, just behind the township, and Alison Ballance heads into the hills with them to collect some shearwater chicks as founder members of the new colony.

4:06  Nevil Gibson and Chris Wikaira are on The Panel today. Riding to the rescue of Novopay. Will the 100 more staff save the day or has the Little Big Horn moment come and gone? Immigration changing the face of New Zealand. Are we doing it properly? Do we need a population policy forum? The stoush within Grey Power over this. Big profits for the Aussie banks again, Michel Parekowhai's gift to Auckland, the heroes of the Napier surf and the Tiger Woods comeback - does this mean economic revival?