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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 12 March 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Mike Reeves of Wellington nominated 'The Crowd' by The Cat Empire

1:20 Critical Mass

TV review - Sarah McMullan

3rd Degree
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Behind the Brush
Maori TV - NEXT Tuesday the 19th @ 8pm

Books - Graham Beattie

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Music - Nick Atkinson

ARTIST:    Ladi 6  
TITLE:        Northwest    
COMP:    Brent Park, Chip Matthews, Karoline Tamiti     
ALBUM:    The Liberation of . . .   Track 6
LABEL:    Ladi 6 / 258781

ARTIST:     Ladi 6
TITLE:        Ikarus
COMP:    Karoline Tamati,  Brent Park
ALBUM:    Unreleased
LABEL:    Universal
Web - Ben Gracewood

Computer storage product in Iceland running on 100% renewable energy

South by SouthWest

2:10  Eurovision Song Contest - Dominic Smith
They're gearing up for it in England, in Ireland, in Scotland and in Wales. They're gearing up across Western Europe, and Scandinavia, and in the former Soviet States.
Two months out from the grand final, and preparations are underway in earnest for the Eurovision song contest.
Come May, 39 performers from Switzerland to Slovenia will gather together in Malmo, Sweden  to sing their songs and hold their breath collectively as the judges announce a winner, and perhaps, award  an infamous 'nul points'
Dominic Smith is a former Eurovision producer for the BBC, now living in New Zealand.

2:20 Massey Study - Dr Claire Matthews
Knowing how to make a million is one thing, it's quite another to be able to show  your children how to do the same.
And the wealthiest amongst us are not necessarily teaching their descendents  the secrets to their success.
That's the finding of a new study in Massey University, which shows that rich people often fail to pass on their financial literacy skills to their children.  This despite the fact that many are concerned their heirs won't manage what they inherit very well.
Dr Claire Matthews supervised this piece of research.

2:30 Auckland Arts Festival - Justin Gregory -  Festival Review critiques The Kronos Quartet, Chinese instrumentalist Wu Man, and the play Rhinoceros in Love.

2:45 Feature Album - The Visitors - the eighth and final album by ABBA, released on 30 November 1981.

3:10 Tune Your Engine - Charles Landry 
Our feature guest is the author of the Creative City, Charles Landry, whose been in New Zealand having a look at our cities, in particular, Palmerston North.

3:30 On the Asian Report; Lion dancing, dragon dancing and much more. They began Chinese dance and language classes as young as two years of age over a decade ago. Now they're passing on their cultural heritage and teaching the young. Lynda Chanwai-Earle follows the community as they prepare to perform at the popular Chinese New Year Festival in Wellington.

4:06 On The Panel today are Neil Miller and Lindsey Dawson. Mondayisation of holidays, the point at which the law should become involved with your parenting style, the imbroglio at Harvard university over a situation potentially germaine to many of us - someone's sending out whistleblowing emails so they trawl through everyone's emails to find out who. The amazing case really of the former British cabinat minister and his wife off to jail together because of what began as a demerit points misdemeanor while driving the car. The big dry, and the likely hurt it'll cause the economy. The new diets from Otago University designed to get our salt intake down, but how bad is salt for you, really? That will probably do us to be going on with.