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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 21 February 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Mark de Lacy, aka The Minstrel, has nominated Rainy Night in Soho by Damien Dempsey as his Best Song Ever Written.

Here's the Hiwi the Kiwi website.

1:20 Your Place tour guides from St Bathans - formerly Dunstan Creek, the gold mining town with its 150th coming up.

2:10 The Doll Hospital - Geoff Chapman - One hundred years ago, a shipment of celluloid dolls from Japan arrived in Sydney in bad shape. Rubber bands holding the dolls together had perished on the journey.  Harold Chapman found a way to fix them. And so the Sydney Doll Hospital was born. Since then, the hospital has repaired more than 2 million dolls from Australia and New Zealand.

2:20 Life In Wadeye - Next week marks another anniversary... two years ago New Zealand teachers Anna and John Young were forced to escape from the capital city of Tripoli during the Feburary 2011 Libyan revolution challenging Qaddafi's rule.
Gunfire and artillery shells expoded outside their home. With the help of a brave bus driver, they were able to escape and return to New Zealand. Now John has taken on a new challenge.
He's the Principal in a very remote school in the Northern Territories in Australia.  Wadeye is about 400 km southwest of Darwin.
In the wet season, it's completely cut off by road. There are challenges, but Dr. Young is enjoying it.

2:30 Reading - 'Skin To Skin' explores the lives of people in cross-cultural marriages in New Zealand. Today -  the story of Sir Tipene O'Regan
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True  TR.02 © Trinity Roots 2002 Tk 9. Little Things by Warren Maxwell, Rio Hemopo, Riki Gooch.

2:45 Feature Album - Selling England by the Pound - the fifth album by the progressive rock band Genesis  (1973)

3:10 Life Models - Justin Gregory talks to male life models about anonymity, holding a pose, getting their gear off and the perils of sleeping on the job.

3:20 The Christchurch Baristas  - Christchurch baristas who worked in the CBD revisit February 2011's fatal earthquake and tell how their lives have changed in the last two  years  

3:30 The Forensics Lab - Ruth Beran - The people in this story have asked not to have their surnames revealed.
That's because they work at the Wellington Forensic Service Centre, where the samples they examine are brought in by police and could be used as evidence in court cases. To see a real-life CSI lab, Ruth Beran met with Steve from Environmental Science and Research who took her on a tour.

4:06 Bernard Hickey and Irene Gardiner are on The Panel today:
Don't give money to the SPCA says Gareth Morgan, how bad is our problem with steroids really, and how come there've been grand proclamations out of Australia about drug use in sport but very few specifics? A bachelor's degree - you need one for even the menial jobs in America now - is it all getting silly, making people go to uni for three years just so they can run messages? The gulags of Auckland - should residents be scared of the new highrises or not? The strange David Bain compensation poll, and the taxman hits the children doing the paper rounds.