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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 20 February 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Michael Edge-Perkins of Wellington nominated Tower of Song by Leonard Cohen.

1:15 Link 3

ARTIST:    Julie Andrews
TITLE:        My Favourite Things
COMP:    Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II
ALBUM:    The Sound of Music (Original Soundtrack)  -  Track  7
LABEL:    RCA 672556

ARTIST:    Brian Ferry
TITLE:        These Foolish Things
COMP:    Eric Maschwitz, Jack Strachey,
DUR:        4' 34" [Fade]
ALBUM:    Slave To Love  -  Track  11
LABEL:    Virgin 849585

ARTIST:    Louis Armstrong
TITLE:        What A Wonderful World
COMP:    Bob Thiele, Geroge David Weiss
DUR:        2' 14" [Cold]
ALBUM:    Louis Armstrong Gold  -  CD 1 / Track 1
LABEL:    Hipo Booo7357

ARTIST:    The Mutton Birds
TITLE:        Nature
COMP:    Wayne Mason
DUR:        3' 36" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    The Mutton Birds  -  Track 10
LABEL:    BAG 435300

ARTIST:    Trinty Roots
TITLE:        Little Things
COMP:    Warren Maxwell
DUR:        4' 05" [Fade]
ALBUM:    Indie Hit Disc 14  -  Track 7

ARTIST:    Elton John
TITLE:        Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
COMP:    Elton John, Bernie Taupin
DUR:        3' 12" [Cold]    
ALBUM:    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  -  Track 4
LABEL:    Rocket  528159

ARTIST:    Blink 182
TITLE:        All The Small Things
COMP:    Tom de Longe
DUR:         2' 45" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    Enemia Of The State  -  Track 8
LABEL:    MCA 111950

2:10 The Water Car - Vincent Lowe - With petrol prices going higher and higher... we all dream of a car that runs on water.  
Vincent Lowe from Paraparaumu is living the dream. He bought a hydrogen on demand s kitset system from the United States for his 2005 Toyota Corolla.  The system uses mixture of distilled water and a little postassium hydroxide to make hydrogen... and that is added to his petrol to make a tank of petrol go further. This concept  has been around for some time. Now, at age 76.. finally has a system for his vehicle.

2:20 The Norwegian Whaling Station - Matthew Schmidt - On the eastern coast of Stewart Island... in a large natural harbour called Paterson Inlet... Norwegian whalers set up shop in the early 1920's.
In this remote place, only accessible by water.. there was once machine shops, a huge workshop, boiler room, a cookhouse a bunkhouse and more.  They abandoned the site in 1932 and there is very little left of what was once a thriving station.
In just a few weeks, the first ever archeological survey of the Norwegian Whaling Station will be taking place.  
They will not only be looking for what they can find on the land... they'll be diving for historic treasure under the water too.
Zealand Historic Places Trust area archeologist Matthew Schmidt will be leading the survey.

2:30 Reading - Skin To Skin' explores the lives of people in cross-cultural marriages in New Zealand.  Today -  the story of a Pakeha woman who knows what it's like to share the weight of tribal obligations placed on a Maori leader.
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True  TR.02 © Trinity Roots 2002 Tk 9. Little Things by Warren Maxwell, Rio Hemopo, Riki Gooch.

2:45 Feature Album - Every Kingdom - the debut studio album by British singer-songwriter, Ben Howard,  a contender  for BRIT Awards in the categories British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act.

3:10 Virtual World - Hamish MacEwan

Email Doesn't Have to Suck
It's P.Q. and C.Q. as Much as I.Q.
Tech Predictions for 2013: It's All About Mobile

3:30 A Golden Milestone - Lisa Thompson
The original Tony's Restaurant on Wellesley Street in the heart of Auckland city has just celebrated a golden milestone -serving sizzling steaks to hungry patrons for 50 years.  Claiming to be Auckland's oldest restaurant, Spoken features producer, Lisa Thompson dropped into the kitchen to meet owner Kenn Henderson and to find out what constitutes the perfect steak.

4:06 On The Panel after 4 are Denise L'Estrange-Corbet today, and Simon Pound.  We shall talk briefly about the latest political poll, and giving bail to people charged with offences of violence. We'll ask whether the Rena should be left alone to topple off the reef eventually of its own accord. The new theory - seeing as meteor strikes are on our minds - the new theory out of the Australian National University about the asteroid six miles wide that landed in Australia and what that did to the planet. It was nothing good. The role of Google, highlighted in recent court cases - just the search engine, the messenger, or should it be taking an active moral/ethical stance online? The Pistorius case - the initial statement from the defendant.