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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 22 January 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Linda Diane Holley of Auckland nominated 'Send In The Clowns' by Frank Sinatra

1:20 Critical Mass

TV review - Sarah McMullan

Books - Graham Beattie

The Next Element - Andy Allen - New Holland - Hardback $60

Hot Music - Nick Atkinson

TITLE:        Niaz     (Pron:  Nee-Oz)
ARTIST:    Mamut, Darius and Hameed    
COMP:    Fereydoon Foroughi
ALBUM:     RNZ Recording
LABEL:     N/A

TITLE:        If You're Rich Help The Poor     
ARTIST:    Denis Brown
COMP:    Denis Brown
ALBUM:    Deep Down
LABEL:    Observer 

Web - Ele Ludemann

The Dull Men's Club

10 novels to solve all your problems:

2:10  The Enfield Conspiracy - Ken Brewer  
Author Ken Brewer has the kind of story writers dream about.  The former New Zealand Police officer decided to write a novel after working on several non-fiction books about the New Zealand police. The Enfield Conspiracy is a military adventure story set in the 1800's about a British teenager sent to India to fight during the 1857 mutiny. The first literary agent who saw the book  signed him up. Within 6 weeks, a New York publisher sent Ken a contract and the book went into publication. Within a week, The Enfield Conspiracy  was sitting in the top 5000 books on 

2:20  The Bentley Crew - Bruce Washington
It would take more than one book to tell the stories about the adventures of Bruce and Judy Washington from Timaru.  They've driven from New York to Alaska ... Peking to Paris... next year an African Safari rally is planned... as well as another go at the Peking to Paris rally... . all behind the wheel of vintage cars.  They're about to set off on a 40 day rally around the South Island than then up to Cape Reinga in a 1926 Bentley. They're joined by two other couples who shipped their Bentleys from England.

2:30 Reading - We continue our reading Sea Fever by Angela Meyer - her true story of the search for love and fulfilment.

2:45 Feature Album - Sweet Baby James - James Taylor

3:10 The Seven Up Kids - Nick Hitchon  
Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.
From the famous Jesuit maxim came a documentary project that started in 1964 to follow the lives of 14 British school children every seven years.
Before wall to wall reality TV  and the Kardashians and Big Brother.. director, Michael Apted chose children from a variety of backgrounds and regions of the UK to follow in seven year intervals.
There are privileged kids from private schools, kids in state care,  kids from East London, and a boy from a farm in the Yorkshire. One of them was William Nicholas Hitchon. 
Nick Hitchon is now a  professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. 

3:35  Asian Report - From a childhood spent in poor rural India to becoming a finalist in the New Zealander of the Year Awards 2012, one altruistic Indian New Zealander is making waves in medicine and education in our country. Dr Sharad Paul chats to Lynda Chanwai-Earle about his work in both fields in today's Asian Report.

4:06 The Panel - Stephen Franks and Amanda Miller are on The Panel. Get rid of the cats says Gareth Morgan. Do we want a catless society? The astounding amount we spend on gambling now. Are PhDs the new BAs or Bscs - do you need the big doctorate in your career now, and at what cost? More chats as have time on the financing of the Hobbit, youth crime going down, they say, and the urban drift that's plaguing the hinterland.