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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 21 January 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Graham Roebeck nominated 'People Get Ready' by Eva Cassidy.

1:20 8 Months To Mars -  Poet/actor, Peter Bland is our first passenger to Mars for 2013 - a co-founder of Downstage.

2:10 Feature Author - Robert Greene - We're all geniuses now. At least, we all could be geniuses if only we buckled down and spent an awfully long time working at it.
That, roughly, is the thesis of "Mastery," the latest door stopper from Los Angeles author, Robert Greene, whose books include "The 48 Laws of Power" and "The 50th Law," a management book co-authored with rapper 50 Cent.

2:30 Reading - We begin a 10 part adaptation of Angela Meyer's story Sea Fever: From First Date To First Mate.

2:45 Feature Album - We feature 'Bowie at the Beeb - the best of the BBC sessions 68-72. 'Was first released in 2000 as a 3 CD set.

3:10  The Basement Train - Jason Shron is a self confessed train nut. He's got a train in the  basement of his home in Ontario Canada, like so many train enthusiasts do. But Jason's train is not in miniature... it's an original 1980's VIA carriage from the Canadian railway service. complete with genuine seats,  timetable racks, coat hooks and the 1970s carpet commuters once tread on when the coach was in service.
Jason's link

3:25 Record Cycle - Colin Anderson - He's done it again. Veteran endurance cyclist Colin Anderson,  who has set records for cycling the length of New Zealand, cycling for 24 hours straight, cycling more than 55 laps of lake Taupo, Colin has just set  the world record for 12 hour solo cycling in an outdoor velodrome in his age group. He clocked up 632 kilometres in 12 hours in record time.

3:35 Our Changing World  -  Little spotted kiwi are the smallest of our five kiwi species, and every one of the 1700-or-so birds alive today is descended from just five birds.
Allison Ballance joins PhD student Helen Taylor at Victoria University wonders whether this tiny ancestral gene pool is having any long-term bad effects on the birds, and luckily for her there's a population of kiwi to study right on her doorstep in central Wellington.

4:06 The Panel - Ali Jones and Bernard Hickey.

We'll discuss the Mega launch and how impressed they were by that, how unimpressed by Lance Armstrong, and the fact that the whole doping industry is now moving up a notch anyway. What Lance did will soon be so yesterday - do you just give up and declare open slather? The trends on the way in 2013, what to look out for, why do some things cost so much in NZ, the cost of airline tickets being one in the new today, and was there an alternative to financing The Hobbit the way we've done?