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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 23 January 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Nick Bagnall of Omokoroa Beach nominated 'Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong.

1:15 Link 3 music details:

TITLE:     By The Time I Get To Phoenix
ARTIST:   Glen Campbell
COMP:    Jimmy Webb
ALBUM:   The Very Best of Glen Campbell  -  Track 4
LABEL:    Capitol  7 46,483

TITLE:      Kodachrome
ARTIST:    Paul Simon
COMP:     Paul Simon
ALBUM:    Born At The Right Time: The Best of Paul Simon  -  Track 5
LABEL:     Warner 126704

TITLE:      Heroes
ARTIST:    David Bowie
COMP:     David Bowie, Brian Eno
ALBUM:    Best of Bowie  -  Track 10
LABEL:     EMI 541 929

TITLE:       (I Can't get no) Satisfaction
ARTIST:     The Rolling Stones
COMP:      Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
ALBUM:     Hot Rocks 1964-1971  - Track 4
LABEL:      ABKCO 844475

TITLE:      Hanging On The Telephone
ARTIST:    Blondie
COMP:     Jack Lee
ALBUM:   Greatest Hits  -  Track 7
LABEL:    Chrysalis 543105

TITLE:      London Calling
ARTIST:    The Clash
COMP:     Joe Strummer, Mick Jones
ALBUM:    London Calling  -  Track 1     
LABEL:     Epic 463885

TITLE:      Sweet Little Sixteen
ARTIST:    Chuck Berry
COMP:     Chuck Berry
ALBUM:   Chuck Berry Gold  -  CD 1 / Track 14
LABEL:    Geffen / B000 4364

TITLE:      The Letter
ARTIST:    The Box Tops
COMP:      Wayne Carson Thompson
ALBUM:    Soul Deep: The Best of The Box Tops  -  Track 1
LABEL:     BMG 167452

TITLE:       Take A Letter Maria
ARTIST:     R.B. Greaves
COMP:      Ronald Bertram Greaves III
ALBUM:     Hard To Find 45's on CD (Vol 5)  -  Track  14
LABEL:      Eric 311509

2:10 The Country Life - Emily Brice - Many complain about the cost of housing in Auckland, the hectic pace, the gridlock and dream of a simplier life in the country.  Emily Brice did, and decided she and husband, Greg were moving their family from Auckland to Matamata.  Jim Mora catches up with Emily to see how their country life is going in Waikato.

2:20 NZ in a Camper Van - Mike and Linda Norman - Becoming a millionaire is the number one item on the bucket list of adults in the UK according to a traveller's survey. No surprise there. But coming in at number 29, ahead of a visit to Disneyworld, or meeting the Queen, is a trip around New Zealand in a motor home.
Mike and Linda Norman can understand why. They're Americans who came to New Zealand on a motor home holiday 9 years ago, and have returned every year since.  
2:30 Reading - Angela Meyer with more of her story, Sea Fever .
Kokomo - Beach Boys, tk 6 Elektra 960 806
Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean, tk 5 Rhino 270679

2:45 Feature Album - The Eagles debut album from 1972.

3:12 Virtual World - Hamish MacEwan>>>

Site of the Week:>

3:35 Auckland story - There's still plenty of summer left and the Auckland Council's "heritage" baches are proving to be a hit  withAucklanders. More from David Steemson on this story. And if you want to know more about the heritage baches owned by the Auckland Council, go to our  website and Facebook page.>

4:06 The Panel - Brian Edwards and Michelle Boag are on The Panel today. The Tongan arguments against gay marriage at the Auckland hearings into Louisa Wall's bill. The cabinet reshuffle, violinist Vanessa Mae's dramatic career change. And Michelle's and Brian's thoughts on the death sentence handed down in Bali, the decision in Taranaki to put the debt-collectors onto library fines, what you can get away with wearing on a plane.. and more if we have time.