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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 20 December 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Sara Russell of Leeston nominated 'When Smokey Sings' by ABC.

1:15 Your Place - one of our hot holiday destinations - Mahia Beach.

2:10 The Seekers - Judith Durham
Lead singer of The Seekers, Judith Durham talks about the group's history and why they're coming back for another Australian tour, and even recording a couple of new songs.

2:30 Reading -  Susan Wilson reads the second part of  'The Holiday Of A Lifetime' by Susan Pointon.

2:45 Feature Album - My Fair Lady - 1956 Original Broadway Cast with Frederick Loewe, Alan Jay Lerner, Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews and Stanley Holloway.

3:10  The Harmonica Guy - Sonia Sly
Christchurch-based musician David Thorpe often tours as a multi-instrumentalist and one man band, but his greatest love affair has been with the humble harmonica.

3:20 The Brighton Ukelele Jam - Katy Gosset

The not so little ukelele jam thats making waves at New Brighton 

3:40 Our Changing World - How do you test the quality of chocolate? Well you snap it, of course!
Find out more about the snap of chocolate.

4:06 The Panel - with Rosemary McLeod and Simon Pound. What they think about a range of issues - Hekia Parata staying on as Minister of Education, why do we import our CEOs from overseas anyway, we may have got the Mayan doomsday date wrong, but in any case what would be the likely cataclysms to cause us concern tomorrow? It seems that a super-volcano or a dark comet are the two leading contenders. Pay rises for MPs again, and whether wage rises for local body politicians will follow. The moves Barack Obama's making to curb gun violence, and what do we do about unruly residents of state houses?