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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 3 December 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Richard Simpson nominated 'My Happiness' by Powderfinger.

1:15 8 Months To Mars - Our passenger to Mars today is writer, producer and presenter, Jon Bridges. 

2:10 Guitar Record Attempt - Tip Nikora

Ten Guitars is the song being used in a world record attempt for the number of guitars played at once.... 8-thousand...that's 8-thousand guitarists strumming Ten Guitars. The attempt will be made in Kaikohe this Saturday, and the mastermind behind the massed music event is Tip Nikora.

2:20 Master Art Forger - Dan Gordon from BBC Witness

The story of an art forger, who for decades tricked major art galleries around the world into buying his fakes.
Eric Hebborn was a talented painter in his own right, he became disillusioned with the art world and enjoyed fooling the experts.

2:30 Reading - Motor Pioneers - One Hundred years ago, when three men set out to drive  from Wellington to Auckland via the King Country - they faced many problems. The most obvious was the lack of a road.  Another was the fact that there were no other motor car owners or  petrol stations along most of their route. 
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'Walking'  (Martin) CHAPPELL C573  Dur: 1:05
'Playground' (Martin) CHAPPELL C584 Dur: 0:36

2:45 Feature Album - Reckless - Bryan Adams - 1984

3:10 Feature Author - Mark Garner

Ever wanted to know what its really like to be an ambulance paramedic? Do they really just attend graphic car accidents or is that just a false portrayal from the media. If not what jobs do they really attend? What sort of people call an ambulance? Why would anyone want to become a paramedic anyway? Mark Garner has written a light-hearted and often humorous account of a seasoned New Zealand Paramedic & Fireman.

3:35 Our Changing World - Needle-free injections - Alison Ballance

4:06 The Panel - Don Donovan and Matt Nippert

The Hospitality Association's grumbling about the new licensing laws, John Tamihere's back in the Labour Party; the importance of smell in your relationship. You've possibly heard research findings that say women like men who smell like their fathers and so on. Well the science gets a lot more interesting than that now, apparently. The new political polls, and the new taxation climate - going after the big corporates.