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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 30 November 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Darryl Baser of Dunedin nominated Hold Me 1 by Able Tasmans from their 'Hey Spinner' album.

1:15 NZ Live - Lyttelton musicians Marlon Williams and Delaney Davidson on NZ Live today. 

2:10 The Hobbit - Royd Tolkien
When this guest  was nine years old... he started reading a book that sat on the shelf in his family farm in Wales.  The book was The Hobbit and the boy is Royd Tolkien, the great grandson of it's author, JRR Tolkien.  Royd Tolkien was just 4 years old when his great grandfather died, but he has always had a passion for the Lord of the Rings books and The Hobbit. Peter Jackson gave him a part as a Gondorian ranger in the Return of the Kings and he has a cameo in the Air New Zealand Hobbit inspired safety video.

2:20  Tools of the Trade - Justin Gregory
In the New Zealand Society Series, what do you consider to be the tools of your trade? Pipe Organ maestro, John Wells on playing one of the oldest instruments in the western world.

2:30 Reading - The Model-T for in our serial set 100 years ago, is near Raurimu, following what was once a good road. The road has deteriorated badly in the four rain-soaked  years since the main trunk rail line was completed, and rail became the favoured way for travellers.  The result is a whole new set of obstacles for our Motor Pioneers.
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'Walking'  (Martin) CHAPPELL C573  Dur: 1:05
'Playground' (Martin) CHAPPELL C584 Dur: 0:36

2:45 Feature album - Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin

3:08 One Stop Shop 

3.10  Fresh Fast Food - Nadia Lim
Avocado, Mango and Vanilla Gelato

3.20  Weekend Wine -Yvonne Lorkin

Cheap n cheerful - Selaks White Label Riesling 2012 $10
Mid Price - Terres de Galets Cotes du Rhone 2011 $14
Treat yourself - Johannesbof Maybern Vineyard Marlborough Pinot Noir $44

3.26 Movie Review - Sarah McMullan

I, Anna  ****    
1hr 33mins;

3:40 The Kepler Challenge - Wayne Green
 The Kepler track is considered one of the New Zealand's great walks but tomorrow more than 400 people will line up to run it. The 25th annual Kepler Challenge takes runners on a spectacular but grueling 60km race. Three teachers from Fiordland College who are keen runners started the event in 1988 with just 150 runners and it has grown from there.

4:06 The Panel - Finlay McDonald and Richard Langston

We talk about the Leveson enquiry in the UK, and how you would go about curbing media excesses. The future of the Port of Auckland, why's no-one reviewing The Hobbit, the  New Zealand Law Students plonking actress Blake Lively on the cover of their magazine, dressed as a raunchy private school girl with the caption "She didn't become a good lawyer by spending hours in the library . . . She networked her way to the top." And CEO pay again.