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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 4 December 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Karen Darling of Nelson nominated Botswana Wedding Song by Laura Branigan.

1:20 Critical Mass

TV review - Phil Wallington

Books - Graham Beattie

The Salmon Cookbook  by  Paula Ahlsen Söder
A Global Feast  by  Afife Harris & Beryl Lee

Hot Music - Nick Atkinson
TITLE:     Modern Love  
ARTIST:   School for Birds
COMP:    Mahui Bridgeman-Cooper

TITLE:      Modern Love (French)
ARTIST:    School for Birds
COMP:     Mahui Bridgeman-Cooper

TITLE:        Modern Love (Katie)
ARTIST:    School for Birds  Feat. Katie Scott
COMP:    Mahui Bridgeman-Cooper

 Web - Ele Ludemann>

Apes have mid life crisis too ->

Laughter as exercise>>

2:10 Teen Ballerina -  Inge Carolus
Most little girls will dream, at some point, of being a ballerina, and those who take lessons will imagine someday performing a solo in front of a packed house, among the best dancers in the world.
For Northland teenager Inge Carolus, that dream is about to become a reality.
Inge, who is 15 years old, is one of a number of ballet dancers from around New Zealand and the world selected to compete in the Genee Genee International Ballet Award, which begins on Thursday in Wellington... It's often referred to as the Olympics of ballet.
It's the first time New Zealand has ever hosted the prestigious competition in its more than 80-year history, giving more young kiwi dancers than ever before the opportunity to attend.

2:20  Waka Arrive at Rapanui - Jack Thatcher.
Jack Thatcher is the chief navigator of two waka, built in Northland, that have been voyaging from Auckland to Easter Island, or Rapanui, over the past three months.
20 sailors have made the 5000-nautical-mile journey, navigating only by the sun, stars, moon, currents and marine life. The waka have now arrived safely at Rapanui, the Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, and are waiting onboard the vessels for their official welcome.

2:30 Reading - Motor Pioneers of New Zealand
100 years ago, the Taranaki settlement of Matiere,  in the upper reaches of the Ohura river, provided a welcome break for three men  attempting to drive  from Wellington To Auckland via the King Country. But although everyone seemed friendly -  the advice proffered by one resident has proved to be so bad, it is threatening to end the journey for the three travellers who are the subject of our serial Motor Pioneers of New Zealand.
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'Walking'  (Martin) CHAPPELL C573  Dur: 1:05
'Playground' (Martin) CHAPPELL C584 Dur: 0:36

2:45 Feature Album - Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band.

3:12 Tune Your Engine -  The Rule of Reciprocation - Doctor Jenifer Kunz
Tis the season of office Holiday parties, Santa parades and  pleasant exchanges of holiday greetings.There is an unwritten rule about the humble holiday greeting card.  If you get one,  most of us feel compelled to give one, even to people who are no longer part of our daily lives. It's called the rule of reciprocation and it can be tremendously powerful according to sociologists. In 1974,  Dr Philip Kunz tested the power of reciprocation by sending out hundreds of Christmas cards to total strangers just to see how many people would send one back. 30 years later, his daughter Jenifer would conduct a similar experiment with interesting results.   
Doctor Jenifer Kunz is a professor of Sociology and the head of the department at West Texas A and M University in Canyon Texas.

3:33 Asian Report - Lynda Chanwai-Earle - In today's Asian Report: Chinese New Zealander and Photo journalist Virginia Woolf chats about her memorable experience gathering images in the remote highland and coastal villages of Papua New Guinea.

4:06 The Panel - Stephen Franks and Gary McCormick.

Stephen Franks in Wellington and Gary McCormick in Christchurch, talking about issues du jour - including our banks and whether they are making exorbitant profits, looming Christmas hardship for so many Kiwi families, just how secular are our classrooms - and should a child be punished for opting out of religious lessons - is the Christchurch Press the enemy of the recovery, as Gerry Brownlee has suggested, and of course, the prospect of a new royal baby ... the end of primogeniture, and we'll canvas the panel for their suggested names for the next heir to the throne.