1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Jim Jameson has nominated  "God Can" by The Staples Singers

1:15 Your Place  - We take Your Place to the tiny town of Dipton - about 60 ks north of Invercargill - once a busy place on the Kingston railway line.
Our tour guides are: Kay Teviotdale, Casey Solomon and Adrian Harris

2:10 The Taupo Cycle Challenge - Colin  Anderson
Cycling around Lake Taupo once, a distance of 160 km,  is quite an\ achievement for anyone. Over the next few days, some cyclists will be making that lap not once, not twice but up to 8 times. The extreme riders are on their bikes for up to 75 hours. ,   The Taupo Cycle Challenge is one of New Zealand's most popular  endurance sporting events.  For 24 years, Colin Anderson has taken part in the ride. He turned 65 this year and will be making his 65th lap of Lake Taupo. It would take much more than a minor eruption on Mt Tongariro to keep him away.

2:20 Singer songwriter Anna van Riel  
Singer songwriter Anna van Riel is planning her own kind of endurance test. She's planning to sing her way through Canada and the United States for 8 weeks with her husband and  19 month old daughter.  The trick is getting there. And to pay for the airfares and rental car,  she's offering to come to your house, put on a concert and cook dinner too. She's offering all kinds of incentives for donations including earthworm farms and vegetables from her garden.

2:30 Reading - Taihape may a lunch-stop for many motorists travelling state highway one between Auckland and Wellington these days, but 100 years ago - there wasn't even a road through the King Country.  Still, it didn't prevent a pioneering trio from loading up a Model-T ford and attempting to become the first to traverse the route. Their exploits will be our 2.30pm serial for the next week or two.. .starting today.
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'Walking'  (Martin) CHAPPELL C573  Dur: 1:05
'Playground' (Martin) CHAPPELL C584 Dur: 0:36
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Motor pioneers through the King Country : with the first car from Wellington to Auckland, via Taihape, Taumarunui, Ohura, Aria and Te Kuiti  by: A. F. T. Chorlton (Arthur Frederick Thomas), 1880-1963. Pub: Gordon & Gotch. Printed at the Evening Post Office, [1913]

2:45 Feature Album -  It's Only Rock 'n Roll - The Rolling Stones (1974)
This was the last Rolling Stones album for guitarist Mick Taylor, who's now confirmed to rejoin the lineup for the 50th anniversary shows at O2 Arena in London, along with Bill Wyman.

3:10 Arts Report  -  Lynn Freeman
Historian Mark Derby and documentary painter Bob Kerr collaborate to remember the 1912 miners' strike in Waihi.

3:20  Christchurch Heritage Restoration - Katy Gosset
Heritage advocates say its not too late to save some of Christchurch's most significant buildings. A special fund dedicated to restoring quake damaged buildings has already given out several million dollars to heritage projects.
And the fund has now mounted a photographic exhibition to show what's been achieved. Our Christchurch Correspondent, Katy Gosset, took a look.

3:30 Night Milk - Ruth Beran

A new product called 'night milk' is being tested to see if it helps insomniacs sleep better. Ruth Beran goes to Ekta Bhindi's home to watch as Shelley Mather prepares her for a sleep study, and Matthew Johnson from WellSleep at the University of Otago explains what 'night milk' is, and how the trial is being conducted.
Find out more about night milk … just after half past three.

4:06 The Panel - Tim Watkin and Lindsay Dawson.
Kim Dotcom's living expenses and the growing struggle of the middle class to balance budgets as Mona Dotcom seeks an extra $20,000 a month for essentials like nannies and a chef.  The Pope changes his mind about when Jesus was born. Ructions and wrath in the Church of England - no women bishops. Are our young people really getting more amoral and less honest, and if we have time the whole notion of what constitutes racism, pr even a news story, as a drunken rant against a NZ women by her British neighbour makes it onto the front pages of international newspapers.