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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 23 November 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Adam Brookfield of Amberley has nominated Rockaway Beach by the Ramones.

1:20 NZ Live with highly popular country singer, Dennis Marsh. Dennis has a new album out.

2:10 The Enigma Codebreakers - Ursula Frost.
Seventy-four years ago, on a grand estate 72 kilometres northwest of London, the British Military Intelligence unit established a centre where codebreakers could work to decifer messages sent by the Germans during World War Two.
The Enigma codebreakers at Bletchley Park would help keep the Allies one step ahead of Hitler and win the war. Among the hundreds of people who worked at Bletchley Park  was a 27 year old women with an aptitude for languages,  Ursula Frost. She is 95 years old now and lives at the Onewa Road Rest home in Birkenhead north of Auckland, and will be presented with a badge from the United Kingdom in gratitude for her service, next week.

2:20  Tools of Trade - Justin Gregory
In the Society Series, what do you consider to be the tools of your trade? Installation artist Tiffany Singh on beeswax, Buddhas and brightly-coloured ribbons.

2:30 Reading -  'Motor Pioneers of New Zealand'

Motor pioneers through the King Country with the first car from Wellington to Auckland, via Taihape, Taumarunui, Ohura, Aria and Te Kuiti  . .that was the title of a book Published 99 years ago . . .and it's the subject of our classic serial.
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'Walking'  (Martin) CHAPPELL C573  Dur: 1:05
'Playground' (Martin) CHAPPELL C584 Dur: 0:36

2:45 Feature album - Jake Bugg - Self-titled (2012).

3:08 One Stop Shop

Fresh Fast Food - Julie Biuso - Broad Bean Fattoush

Weekend Wine - Belinda Jackson

Gemtree Tatty Road Barossa Shiraz    $15
Akarua Pinot Rose 2012                        $17
Te Whare Ra Riesling Dry                      $25

Movie Review - Sarah McMullan

Sarah reviews the new James Bond movie, Skyfall - and also the Canadian-French language drama, Monsieur Lazhar.

3:40 Sandcastle Fundraiser- Linc Gasking

The buckets and spades will be blazing this weekend on Wellington's Lyall Bay beach for an attempt on the  Guiness World Record for most sandcastles built in one hour. The recording breaking quest  will raise money for the Neonatal trust.

4:06 The Panel - Jane Clifton and Jonathan Krebs