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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 24 September 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Greg Campbell from Orewa nominated Everlong by Foo Fighters

1:15 8 Months To Mars - Charlotte Grimshaw.

Critically acclaimed fiction writer, Charlotte Grimshaw is the latest passenger to Mars; her new book is Soon.

2:10 The Lost Flight - Nelson Bays search and rescue volunteer, Sherp Tucker

An 84 year old aviation mystery may help modern day search and rescue teams advance their skills.  
On January 10th, 1928, Lieutenant John Moncrieff and Captain George Hood set off from Sydney,  attempting to become the first pilots to fly across the Tasman. They were in a modified 5-seater monoplane called Aotearoa.  
12 hours after take off, radio signals from the Aotearoa fell silent.  Moncrieff and Hood should have been within about 200 miles of New Zealand. No trace of the men or their plane has ever been found.  
Now a Nelson man thinks he may have seen some wreckage from a metal plane while pig hunting in Golden Bay in the 1960's.

2.20 The Hobbitt - Simon Watts

The 75th anniversary of the publication of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit passed in recent days, as fans round the world get set for the release of Peter Jackson's film adaptation in December.  
Using BBC sound archive recordings, Simon Watts examines how an Oxford professor created one the most popular fantasy novels of all time.

2:30 Reading - Ginette McDonald reads episode five of "Light Reading"

The Beatles/Rubber Soul/Parlaphone CDP 7 46440   - Duration: 2’02”
Dto Norwegian Wood/tk2 Duration 4’32”
Ennio Morricone/CHI MAI/KENWEST/KNEWCD 735/CD2/tk10/Carol King/Tapestry/
EPIC CD 82,308/Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow/tk9  - Duration: 5’06”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
Light Readings by Fiona Farrell  Pub: Random House /Vintage  ISBN - 978-1869414573

2:45 Feature Album - Jesus Christ Superstar - original movie soundtrack version

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's revamped arena rock show has opened at London's O2 to strong reviews. More than 74,000 people will see the musical this week before it heads to Scotland, Ireland and Wales next month. It's also confirmed the arena production is headed to Australia next year.

3:12 Craig Brown - author of One on One

Our other feature guest is UK satirist, Craig Brown of Private Eye fame. He's just put out a book called One on One - with 101 of the most extraordinary encounters of the last century.

3:35 Our Changing World - Celebration Choir - Alison Ballance

If you find it hard to speak, then you'd imagine it would be even harder to sing. But for many people living with stroke or Parkinson's disease the opposite turns out to be true.
Auckland's CeleBRation choir was established in 2009 as a social singing group, and it's now become the focus of research to measure the benefits to choir members from their regular singing and socialising.

4:06 The Panel -  Karl du Fresne and Barry Corbett

- It seems the new benefit testing regime, which for example would make solo parents put their children into early childhood education, will be selectively applied. Applied probably to those families regarded as the most vulnerable.

- A related discussion, with John Minto on board for it, will be about the low-decile schools and how they may not be failing their children, but the children are failing at them.

- Our attitudes to gay marriage and adoption revealed in a Research NZ poll, the strange names that parents call their children, and the new - or is it new - requirement in our careers now for serial mastery - the non-stop-learning process that characterises working life now. Are you happy with that? Do you want a life where you work flat out and re-invent yourself all the time?