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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 21 September 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Jordan Flanagan from Otaki nominated Cantara by Dead Can Dance.

1:15 NZ Music - Live

New Zealand Live features Ji Fraser and Matiu Walters from Auckland band, Six-60.

2:10 Kea Repellant - Tamsin Orr-Walker

Anyone who's ever parked their car at a rest stop at Arthur's Pass or the Porter's Height's Ski area knows you are likely to be visited by the "clown of the mountains".. the Kea.
The endangered parrot has a huge sense of curiosity that can be annoying to visitors, costly for farmers and deadly for the Kea.
Now the Kea Conservation Trust is working on a Kea Repellant that can be sprayed on cars or even sheep to keep the mountain parrots away.

2.20 NZ Society - An Indescribable Beauty - Justin Gregory 
19th century German settler Friedrich Krull ventures out of Wellington for the first time in search of wild bush, exotic birdlife and "dangerous natives". An Indescribable Beauty continues.

An Indescribable Beauty: Letters Home to Germany from Wellington, New Zealand, 1859 & 1862  by Friedrich Krull   Pub: Awa Press (Aug 2012) ISBN-978-1877551338

2:30 Reading -  'Light Reading' by Fiona Farrell.

Light Readings by Fiona Farrell  Pub: Random House /Vintage  ISBN - 978-1869414573

2:45 Feature album - Double Fantasy by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (1980)
The music mag, NME this week named John Lennon as the Ultimate Musical Icon of the last 60 years - and made him their front cover story.
He was chosen ahead of Liam Gallagher, David Bowie, Alex Turner and Kurt Cobain (two thru to five in the list.)
The bottom five of the top ten named were Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Morrissey, Noel Gallagher and Ian Curtis.

3:08 One Stop Shop - Food with Julie Biuso

Julie's recipe: Ricotta hotcakes with strawberries & maple syrup

3.18 - Yvonne Lorkin's wine selections

3.28 - Movie Review with Sarah McMullan

Sarah's verdict on the Bret McKenzie/Hamish Blake movie, Two Little Boys and the romantic comedy-drama, Ruby Sparks.

3:40 Sea Shanty Society Tales - Lake McKenna from the Wellington Sea Shanty Society. 

3.45 The Pre Panel Show - Susan Baldacci

4:06 The Panel - Ali Jones (ChCh) Lindsey Dawson (Ak)

Electricity prices on the climb; are big rear-wheel cars like the Falcon and the Holden on the way out? Are we running out of plants? Closing down the perfectly healthy schools. The teacher who stood up for gay marriage and the latest polling from Research NZ about our attitudes now to both gay marriage and gay adoption.