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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 2 May 2011

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Lawrence McIntyre. from Wainui Bay at the Northern end of Abel Tasman in Golden Bay picks Sail Away.

1:15 8 Months To Mars - what would well-known people do on an trip to Mars?

Comedians Greg Proops

2:10 Feature Stories

On May 1st 1931 the steamer SS Progress was making its way from Lyttleton to Wellington before running aground on rocks in a howling southerly. Policeman Wally Hammond tied a rope around his waste and swam out to sea to help. He managed to get a Finnish seaman, Fritz Degerholm safely to shore, but four other seaman died. Descendants of the Degerholm and Hammond families gathered at Owhiro Bay this weekend to mark the 80th anniversary of the grounding of the SS Progress

Bruce Christopher is 91 years old and still cycles 40 kms a week. Avanti gave him a bike for the 90th birthday, making him the oldest sponsored cyclist in New Zealand.

2:30 Reading

The Orphan Gunner, by Sara Knox read by Deana Elvins.

2:45 Feature Album

James Brown - Live at the Apollo.

3:12 Author Slot

Diana Henriques, author of The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust.

3:33 Our Changing World

Ever since Buck Rogers, the jet pack has epitomised future transport, but the Martin Jetpack may be the world's first practical version. Chief Executive Richard Lauder explains to Ruth Beran how the jetpack works, as the latest prototype is wheeled out the large roller door of the Martin Aircraft Company's Christchurch warehouse.

4:06 The Panel

Jonathan Krebs and Michael Bassett