12 Oct 2012

Paul Ubana Jones and Tony Majdalani in session

From Access All Areas, 11:55 pm on 12 October 2012

Paul Ubana Jones RESIZE
From left: Paul Ubana Jones, Trevor Reekie, studio engineer Adrian Hollay and Tony Majdalani.

Paul Ubana Jones, born in the UK to an English Mum and a Nigerian father, is one of this country's most respected solo performers. A unique artist, Ubana has always done it his way, in a career that has taken him everywhere.

Paul Ubana Jones is joined by Palestinian percussionist Tony Majdalani, now resident in Switzerland, for their 'East to West' Tour of New Zealand.

They visited Radio NZ National's studios to perform a few songs live in a session hosted by Trevor Reekie.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

The songs are: Lazy Sunday; Lady Day and John Coltrane; Bone and Sand; I Know My Rider Blues.