Downward trend in Covid-19 hospital admissions continuing in French Polynesia

6:11 pm on 23 September 2021

The numbers of Covid-19 patients being admitted to hospital in French Polynesia is continuing to fall.

Medical services are stretched because of a rapid spread of Covid-19

Medical services are stretched because of a rapid spread of Covid-19 Photo: FB French High Commission in French Polynesia

Local media reports 162 people are in hospital, which is down from 185 the previous day.

Of those, 30 are in intensive care, a drop of two.

There have been a further three deaths, taking the number of fatalities due to Covid to 602.

151,333 now have a first vaccination with 136,159 having had a second.

Post-covid treatment

Some health care workers in French Polynesia are now focussing on post-covid convalescence.

This work is the main objective of the Te Ora Ora centre.

Le Premier Polynesie website reported a major goal is to re-educate a covid sufferer's respiratory system.

It quoted physiotherapist Clement Villeneuve, "we know that in post-covid, especially in patients who have undergone resuscitation, there is astonishment of the diaphragm, the muscle of respiration. And our work begins there, re-educating the diaphragm," she said.

Another consideration is the impact of the disease on taste and appetite.

Te Ora Ora centre has patients consult with a dietician. "We will look at the weight loss that there has been since the hospitalization, to see if there is malnutrition or not. And also in relation to the blood test, " said dietician Hélène Pocard.

The rehabilitation process can take up to two months.

The website reports the centre receives about 30 patients per day, half of whom are so-called long covid patients.