30 Sep 2020

Vanuatu tuna plant expanding to produce canned tuna

4:13 pm on 30 September 2020

Vanuatu is working on producing canned tuna in its SinoVan fish factory in Port Vila.

tuna swimming

tuna swimming Photo: 123RF

The company started last year and had been selling fish to locals, exporting fresh and frozen tuna.

The Director General for Fisheries, Moses Amos, said the government had decided to inject over $US873,000 into the joint venture to push the production of canned tuna.

The financing is part of a multi-million dollar package allocated to the productive sector.

Amos said the production of canned tuna is a step forward for Vanuatu in preparations towards disasters.

He said the factory should be able to produce over 2200 cans of tuna a day, using one ton of fish.

The Vanuatu government owned 49 percent of shares in the factory with the Chinese company, CNFC, owning the remainder.