9 Dec 2019

Funding boost for coral restoration in Guam

11:12 am on 9 December 2019

Coral restoration efforts in the Pacific have received a funding boost with $US1.4 million raised for a project at the University of Guam.

A Guam coral reef in 2013.

Coral in Guam. Photo: NOAA Photo Library

The project involves the propagation of staghorn coral that survived mass bleaching events over the last five years.

Project leader, Laurie Raymundo, said while studying how the coral survived, it would also be planted on three reefs around the island.

"So, we're going to be expanding our existing nursery facilities and then outplanting to three sites that we think are really of key importance.

"They're marine protected areas, they're vulnerable but they also have really good water quality so we think that they will do very well in these sites."

The aim of the project was to reestablish coral communities that served as a habitat for fish and protected the coastline from erosion, Dr Raymundo said.