26 Aug 2019

Nauru election result a decisive call for change - Batsiua

4:04 pm on 26 August 2019

A former Nauru cabinet minister says the election result is a major opportunity for change.

Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua.

Mathew Batsiua Photo: Supplied

Mathew Batsiua failed to get re-elected, but he said the axing of president Baron Waqa and half of the parliament was a signal that people wanted change.

He said the result was a decisive call that should be heeded by the MPs.

"People want government that does not leave people behind. That's been a clear slogan for most of the new people who are campaigning. They want fairer Nauru, they want MPs and people in government who treat people equally.

"So that's a sentiment that's come through clearly and that sentiment should be respected and heard by the new group of MPs that has been elected now."