2 Aug 2019

Norfolk Islands wins support in Aust parliament

4:32 pm on 2 August 2019

The Australian Labor Party MP representing Norfolk Island says the island should have more say in its services.

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Photo: Norfolk Government

Australia assumed full control of Norfolk Island, ending years of political and economic autonomy, in July of 2016.

The member for Bean in suburban Canberra, David Smith, said the Australian government had created problems on the island.

The Bean electorate incorporates Norfolk, which is 1,900 kilometres to its north east.

Mr Smith called for Norfolk Island to be given more rights of representation at the Council of Australian Governments, and self-determination.

The Canberra Times reports him saying Canberra should not abridge the basic right of all Australians for self-determination in the delivery of services that affect them in their daily lives.

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