15 Jul 2019

Caledonia Together regrets vice-presidential election

2:18 pm on 15 July 2019

The anti-independence Caledonia Together party has criticised rivals within the anti-independence camp for helping elect a vice-president last week.

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Photo: RNZ Pacific / Walter Zweifel

The 11-member collegial government elected the pro-independence candidate Gilbert Tyuienon after the Future with Confidence ministers broke the stalemate.

A week earlier, they had abstained along with Caledonia Together's only minister which meant Mr Tyuienon could not secure a majority.

Future with Confidence has 5 of the 11 ministers and they voted for Mr Tyuienon to give him the minimum six votes needed.

In a statement, Caledonia Together says by now voting for Mr Tyuienon, a political goal was pursued and that was to restore a coalition with the pro-independence Caledonian Union.

It also says it took no time for Future with Confidence to renounce its election campaign promises and form a alliance which goes against nature.

The party says there was no legal basis forcing the election of a vice-president.