9 Jul 2019

France commits funds to its overseas territories

12:35 pm on 9 July 2019

The French government has signed a raft of development contracts worth more than $US2.3 billion aimed at uplifting the standard of living in overseas territories.

French president Emmanuel Macron

French president Emmanuel Macron Photo: AFP

This was done at a Paris meeting which involved the French president Emmanuel Macron, nine ministers as well as representatives from some of the affected territories, including Wallis and Futuna.

Mr Macron said while many texts have been signed and declarations made, the life of ordinary people hasn't changed enough and those living in overseas territories cannot get used to being left behind.

The sum is for the period until 2022 and is aimed at tackling unemployment, improving access to water and helping education.

Wallis and Futuna has been earmarked to be given $US40 million which will fund the upkeep of Futuna's water supply system.