8 Jul 2019

Wallis and Futuna kings on mission to Paris

3:19 pm on 8 July 2019

The three kings of Wallis and Futuna have flown to Paris to sign development contracts to be funded by France.

Wallis and Futuna flag

Wallis and Futuna flag Photo: 123RF

The three are to meet the French president Emmanuel Macron, the prime minister Edouard Philippe and the overseas minister Annick Girardin.

According to the territory's public broadcaster, the contracts will allow them to tackle larger projects, such as road repairs, tele-medicine improvements and the connection of schools to the internet.

The contracts are part of a larger French development plan for its overseas territories, which is based on broad consultation done last year, and are expected to release a total of more than $US20 million until 2022.

The French republic recognises the two traditional kingdoms of Alo and Sigave on Futuna and Lavelua Takumasiva as the king of Wallis.