26 Apr 2019

American Samoa moves to improve water quality

2:16 pm on 26 April 2019

The American Samoa Power Authority is putting in reverse osmosis stations as a temporary fix for the high salinity content of water supply for eastern district households.

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The long-range plan is to drill five wells on the eastern side of Tutuila and the first one has been drilled in Laulii village.

The authority's acting executive director, Wallon Young, said the salinity rate had become worse because water demand had increased.

He said the wells serving the eastern district had been producing water for all these years and because of the increased demand, there's not enough time for the aquifers to replenish, therefore the salinity of the water has increased.

People who live in the eastern district complained that the water was so salty they couldn't drink it or even take a shower with it.

Mr Young said when you use water with high salinity the soap doesn't lather.

The new well that's been drilled in Laulii hasn't been connected to the system yet.

Water samples are sent off island for testing and some other federal regulatory requirements.