6 Apr 2019

Anti-independence alliance fails in New Caledonia's northern province

1:44 pm on 6 April 2019
New Caledonia Congress

Photo: RNZ Pacific/ Walter Zweifel

Rival anti-independence parties in New Caledonia have decided against forming an alliance in next month's election in the northern province.

The Caledonia Together party and the recently formed coalition Future with Confidence had earlier decided to join forces in the Loyalty Islands province as part of efforts to prevent the pro-independence side securing a majority in the Congress.

However, in the northern province the two sides failed to agree on the ranking of the candidates after Caledonia Together wanted three of the four top spots.

This was confirmed by the mayor of Koumac on local RRB radio.

Caledonia Together party and Future with Confidence are fierce rivals in the southern province but have common ground in rejecting independence from France.

The Congress will be made up of 54 members drawn from the territory's three provincial assemblies.