22 Feb 2019

Fiji women MPs urged put differences aside to address 'big issues'

11:49 am on 22 February 2019

Women parliamentarians in Fiji are being encouraged to put their political differences aside and use their historic numbers to further women's rights.

Louisa Wall

Louisa Wall Photo: VNP / Phil Smith

Last year's election saw the most-ever women elected to a Fiji parliaemnt: 10.

Most of them have been in New Zealand this week to for discussions with women MPs in Wellington.

The co-chair of the New Zealand parliament's cross-party women's group, Labour MP Louisa Wall, said the MPs in Fiji should put their party differences aside to address some big issues.

"So if they're now 20 percent of the parliament what are those issues? Whether they be related to sexual and reproductive health rights to family and sexual violence issues, to making sure that our kids and our families have access to good education [and] health. What ever the issues may be."