17 Dec 2018

Solomons govt doubles minimum wage

2:55 pm on 17 December 2018

The Solomon Islands government has doubled the country's minimum wage.

Solomon Islands money

Photo: ppart/123RF

The caretaker labour minister Willam Maru announced the increase from 50-US-cents an hour to $US 1an hour on the floor of parliament on Sunday.

The Solomon Star reported Mr Maru saying he was waiting to sign off on a increase proposal from the labour Board with the aim of having the new rate introduced in the new year.

He said the increase came after a minimum wage review and community consultations.

The labour minister said the increase would allow low income earners to better cope with the high cost of living in Solomon Islands.

Parliament dissolves this week ahead of general elections tipped for March next year.

The country's last minimum wage increase was in 2008.