28 Apr 2008

Minimum wages in Solomon Islands to go up from May 1st

10:41 am on 28 April 2008

The Solomon Islands government has increased the legal minimum wage rate for employees in all sectors in the country after a period of twelve years.

The Minister for Commerce, Industries and Employment, Francis Billy Hilly, ordered the increase following a cabinet decision last Wednesday.

The new increase will be effective starting May 1.

The new rate for all sectors is $4 Solomon Island dollars per hour or 54 US cents while the new rate for the Agriculture and Fisheries sector is $3.20 per hour or 43 US cents.

The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Commerce, Jeffery Wickham, said the decision to increase the minimum wage was made following a unilateral consultation process between stakeholders throughout last year.

The stakeholders included relevant government ministries, the Central Bank, the Private sector and other interested parties.

Mr Wickham said the reason behind delaying the enforcement of the new rate till May 1 is to allow employers to adjust their business activities to comply with the new rates.